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    HitRECord Highlights #2 – Visualize Your Visuals

    Almost 6 months ago, we announced the BGE2 x HitRECord Community Collaboration project and since then your contributions have really blown us away, both in terms of quantity and quality!

    We already introduced you to some of our favorite musical pieces in our first HitRECord Highlights article and now we’d like to shift the focus to some of the art and illustration projects that have caught our eye on HitRECord. The variety of amazing talents displayed in these artworks will certainly add to the richness of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 experience!

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    Very good pieces of art but i would like point out a detail about the Shiva painting.

    To make it simple in Hindu mythology Shiva used his hair to generate the Ganges from the flood of water sent by the goddess Ganga.
    So i think it would be better if the river originates from his hair.
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    They all look pretty good, it's just making things work. The anticipation is killing me, when will it be out?
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