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    Why I think Nuxia's trap sucks and breaks the game

    Well as most of the new Wu-lin heroes Nuxia is mostly hated. But I have this special kind of hatred for her because of her trap mechanic (the light spam doesn't help either).
    You see every since earlier buils of the game (Alpha,Beta) the game wanted to teach you that orange attacks are bad and cannot be blocked, but only parried or most of them dodged. Orange=Parry or dodge. And this was for most of the game's life very understandable and easy to pick up on. From as early as Kensei's top unblockable people learned that that might want to dodge that (Not like anyone parried in the Alpha). And whilst some attacks were bit too quick to pick up on because of their speed like Conq's shield bash, Warlord's headbutt or recently the cancer palm strike of Tiandi.
    But the reason I dislike Nuxia's trap is because it just simply looks like a unblockable (Which it is) but only thing that consistently works against it is to change your guard. Parry attempts will be punished unless you did them way too early. Dodges used to work fairly well until Ubisoft decided that it would be better for everyone if the Nuxia's trap would be unpunishable and would most of the time screw up your dodge attemps with a lightning quick light jab. It's become kind of a theme for the Wu-lin attacks are mostly not guard breakable after a dodge unless you played some fast hero. Therefore I think Nuxia's trap should be reverted to its former state and therefore making it punishable and also the main change that would help- to simply change the traps icon ! For example make it turqoise or dark blue and not only would that look rather cool but it would also make you remember new pattern-Blue=Change guard. I would also love for her light attacks to be slowed down significantly but that ain't gonna happen. Also for this not to be just Nuxia nerf Ubi could also add her an actual unblockable. This change would keep you guessing whenever the next chain heavy would be a trap or an unblockable.

    Anyways thanks for reading and be sure to comment your thoughs
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    Nuxia doesn't have any unblockables at all so if you see a Nuxia with a yellowish attack, you should hit her with a light attack.

    I don't get the confusion at all: the trap is light yellow and an UB is dark orange.
    I can see similarities between her trap and an UB, but it's not identical.
    I don't think I ever mistook her trap as an UB.

    If you pay attention to the attack itself you can easily react to it.
    People usually punish her wrong: DO NOT DODGE, DO NOT CHANGE GUARD, just light, that's all it takes really and even if the attack comes out of nowhere, you can also roll away from it and engage in the fight.

    If read properly some heroes can even get a heavy in or a GB.

    The problem here is that people didn't learn her moveset (which isn't that big, at all) and so they don't know how to react to it properly.

    It never ceases to amaze me whenever I change mains people will complain about that hero specifically.
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    They indeed suck. That is why she is B tier at best, and that is only because she is good in lightspam
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    I just hate her traps because the game teached me to block attacks, to parry attacks, to dodge attacks and now all of a sudden there is char that counters exactly that. It´s totally agains my muscle Memory.

    And I hate that I have to light spam when fighting her
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    With enough practice, everything can be learned and dealt with, but I don't think that's the issue with Nuxia. She's easily the laziest and cheapest character in the game. Her moveset is not fun to play as or against, and all her animations are simplistic and stiff. Her production doesn't hold a candle to JJ or the monk. It actually makes me a bit concerned about these 4 new heroes. We very well might see the same lazy nonsense sprayed all over their designs too.

    Nuxia's traps aren't garbage because they're impossible to deal with. They're garbage because they're garbage. Too much of the Wu Lin goes against the rest of the cast. Not fun. Not engaging. Just desperate gimmicks because Ubi doesn't know how to fix their meta and make the existing kits viable at high level.
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    It is not unfun. You have multiple ways to deal with it, with good prediction dealing huge damage to her, and she also has good mixup potential with it.
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    As someone who currently mains Nuxia, traps are not easy to land at all against experienced players. She has no unblockable's in her kit, no kicks and gets punished hard quite frequently. You can back away or dodge her trap attempts and after a few tries she will be OOS. Traps don't work while someone is in the process of blocking an attack either.

    Not only that, in 4v4 if your allies aren't experienced playing with her, they can interrupt the trap process. For example, she typically has two different traps that have different outcomes. One of them, if landed correctly will flip your opponent on their back however. if for example a Highlander runs up and kicks them while they are being flipped, this will break the trap and nullify the damage from the sequence. IMHO this should not happen but it does. Time and time again, players from your own team will interrupt the trap process trying to attack the same player which leads to the move being wasted.

    I like to play her because she is not easy mode and traps are a unique concept that have learning curve just like everything else. Most Nuxia players are not spamming traps constantly, they are totally situational and don't always work.
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    The only suggestion I liked was changing the color of her traps to purple or blue, purely for aesthetic reasons. Rest is either born out of severe bias/spite or inexperience with the game.

    My Nuxia is almost rep 11, and she really does define ''low A-tier''.
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    Have you attempted to dodge out of the trap? cause she can't cancel her trap. As a Nuxia player, I can tell you she is not very viable at high tier as most people catch on really quickly at how easy her traps are to avoid and punish. So just keep practicing and you'll learn her playstyle in no time

    The developers said they want to raise her viability so hopefully she will be getting a nice little buff on her traps who knows
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    Hey guys,

    Just popping in! SO what I've been seeing on the thread is mostly that Nuxia's traps may be the most frustrating aspect to her character?

    Is there anyone who finds Nuxia's traps to be less challenging to deal with and if so, how do you deal with them?
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