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    lvl 100, with 100% completion, letís run some challenges, explore, goof off, whatever

    Lol wassup peeps!!! Delinquent_Jon here, as of now I am lvl 100 and finished all challenges with gold, and explorations. It was a hell of a grind and so fun!

    In fact it was so fun that Iím doing all the challenges again, starting from Alps, and marking my territory on leaderboards haha.

    Do u like fresh powder? Love going fast? Getting high? Doing rails?!

    Add me and letís shred bros, Iíll answer any questions I can while we kick it, just donít bombard me lol. Iím a relaxed, friendly, very chill, dude... I match energies, so go ahead and decide how weíre gonna act.
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    List of tricks!

    I found this extremely helpful!

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    Added to ride with!
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