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    Looking for some cool people to ride with!

    Soooo, all my friends are idiots and think this game isn't worth the money. I figured I need some new friends!

    Little bit bout me IRL, if you don't care you can skip bellow!
    - From Colorado - USA (I love to hit the slopes in the rocky mountains)
    - I love to ski, have snowboarded but prefer the speed over tricks
    - I'm 22, pretty laid back, love to laugh and make politically incorrect jokes

    Add me if you...
    - enjoy Steep
    - have a good sense of humor
    - don't get offended at everything
    - want to find a chill person to play Steep with!

    (I'm not actually Korean) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I can't edit my post but I forgot to mention that I am on PC

    Add and message me on Steam or Uplay!
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