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    Developer Update: Santa Claus is coming to town!

    Hey everyone! Buck from RedLynx here, and I’m here to bring you some new information for the week! Let’s jump right in!



    Welcome to another exciting week of South Park: Phone Destroyer! This week’s Challenge Mode is EXTRA special! Santa Claus has arrived to South Park: Phone Destroyer and you’ll be able to try him out in the weekly Challenge Mode this week, before his full featured Weekend event, starting on Friday! This week, you’ll be able to play with several different premade decks and take on your opponents in a premade deck challenge.

    Santa Claus is a 5 cost, Epic Tank, with an awesome charged ability that will fully charge up the charged abilities of allies. At level 1, he has 35 ATK and 700 HP. Combined with the right team, his charge ability can be a ton of fun to play with! Need an extra charge for that Marcus or Stan of Many Moons? Santa is the guy for you!


    It’s Christmas time in South Park: Phone Destroyer! As you may have noticed, last week we redecorated to celebrate this glorious occasion, and this week Santa has come to town! As mentioned above, he’s playable in this week’s Challenge Mode, but he’s also going to have his very own event, starting on Friday! This will be a token collection event, meaning you can collection items from PvP lockers and PvP packs! If you complete the SOLO portion of the event, you’ll guarantee yourself a copy of the brand new Santa Claus card!

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 10
    2 50
    3 90
    4 170
    5 260
    6 410
    7 600
    8 925

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 330
    2 950
    3 4125
    4 9000
    5 15000
    6 22500


    Our Live Streams will be offline for the rest of this year and we’ll pick them back up in early to mid January! If you haven’t, be sure to follow us on Twitch to be alerted when we start our next stream!


    As most of you already know, we announced our next big feature, coming to South Park: Phone Destroyer in a post here, called “Team Wars”. You all had some questions during the last stream and I did my best to get some of those answered!

    • Q: “If I leave my team during a Team War, what happens?”
    • A: Once you “Vote” on any card during the Team War, you’ll be “locked” to that team’s War. You can still leave the team, in order to participate in friendly fights, for example, but you’ll not be allowed to participate in “Team War” activities for other teams. So be sure to vote for your team’s deck on Monday or Tuesday before departing to another team, and remember to go back to your main team, in order to continue progress in the Team War!

    • Q: “What can you (RedLynx) do about inactive team leaders? Our team is great, but the leader has been gone for some time, can you kick him and promote someone else?”
    • A: No, we cannot kick or demote someone from their “Leader” position in a team. They are the ‘owner’ of that team and as we don’t know if/when they’ll return, we cannot take their team away from them. If you’ve got an active team, but the team leader is MIA, I’d suggest discuss a team transition with your active members. Create a new team and start the moving process before the Team Wars launches in mid January!

    • Q: “You mentioned that if two cards tie, the leader is the ‘tie-breaker’, what if the leader doesn’t vote that week, but there is a tie?”
    • A: In the case of a tie, but the leader doesn’t vote, the first card in the pair of two would be automatically chosen.

    • Q: “How many ‘Bottle Caps’ can I earn each week”?
    • A: The exact amount of Bottle Caps that you can earn each week is tied to your PvP rank and the league your team is currently in. The exact values are still being tweaked and may not be exactly the same when the feature fully launches, but I can give a few examples here!

      A player who is rank 30 in PvP, playing in the Wooden league, will earn approximately 16 Bottle caps in their first PvP pack (which you can earn 3x per week). Whereas a player in the Legendary arena, playing in the same league, will earn 24 bottle caps in their first PvP pack. As mentioned, these will also scale up, so if that Legendary player was in the “Gold” league, they’d earn about 60 Bottle Caps from those packs.

    • Q: “Will every team have the same card choices on the ‘voting days’?
    • A: They can, yes, but we also have the ability to make the choices different for teams, we’ll most likely try out both a few times and see what works best or perhaps change it from week to week. Like all the features, it will grow and evolve as time goes on!

    • Q: “Is it possible for a team to upgrade all cards to max level”
    • A: No, the amount of Bottle Caps each team can earn each week is limited. It may be possible to upgrade a few cards to max level, but that may leave your other cards underleveled, and depending on the card levels of your team as a whole, might be a pretty poor strategy.

    • Q: “How does card selection work for the ‘Voting Days’?
    • A: There will be 12 pairs of cards for each team to vote on, for a total of 24 cards. These pairs will be selected by the team, similar to the premade deck challenges. There may also be times where we have community members give us their suggestions for those 12 sets of cards and do a ‘Community’ team war week, or something along those lines!

    • Q: “How many “Bottle Caps” does it cost to upgrade cards”?
    • A: This is also something that may still be tweaked before the feature is released, but based on the current information the cost to upgrade cards looks something like this:

      +1 level = 100 Bottle Caps
      +2 levels = 250 Bottle Caps
      +3 levels = 500 Bottle Caps
      +4 levels = 850 Bottle Caps
      +5 levels = 1350 Bottle Caps
      +6 levels = 2050 Bottle Caps

    • This means, to upgrade a Common Card to max level, your team will need to spend 500 Bottle Caps, but to upgrade a Legendary to max level, it would cost 2050 Bottle Caps**

    NOTE: **This numbers may still be tweaked before release and all values listed here should not be considered final.

    That’s all the questions I had time for at the moment. If you have other questions, let us know down below and I’ll try to get them answered in a future Developer Update!

    That’s everything I have to share for now! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team!
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    Yay! Team wars!!! Wish it was better built in regards to actually using bottle caps to upgrade cards but you will be able to do do a 7/6/6/5 set up of common\epic\rare\leg. It nothing but whale wars =(

    Thanks Buck!
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    It may be too late to ask but, I have to work from Monday to Friday so I am unable to play challenges. I am also too busy on weekends to complete an event and get the Santa card. Could you extend the challenge through the weekend like you did with Mr Slave so I can try out the new card?
    If this is not possible, could you possibly do this when you do designer deck challenges for new cards in the future?
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    I'm afraid it would be too late to do something like that this week, TIMMAH1997, but we can absolutely send it in as a suggestion for future challenges.
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    Thank you Buck for the FAQ about Team Wars.

    One question of high importance is missing though: Will the amount of bottle caps needed to upgrade the cards depend on the rarity of the card?

    Because in your example, lvling a common card to lv7 would cost the same as a legendary to lv4 which would be stupid considering the huge disparity in power between the two categories. Hell, even in some cases, lv4 legends are better than their lv7 epics counterparts so that would have huge consequences.
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    Another token event.....I am not gonna even bother saying anything cause you guys clearly could care less what all your players think, guy
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    I think the biggest question I have is. Will the rewards be worth the effort TvT will need? By that I mean, in compared to the Challenge leader-board\rewards we would like to know and or suggest that the rewards for TvT be worth it.

    If it was the same as the challenge ladder rewards and ALL team members got the 5x epics -- pvp tickets etc etc. I think that could be worth it, but not sure.

    Also is there going to be real feedback given to the devs about the bottle cap structure? It is not done correctly based on rarity of the cards vs use.
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    You're such a company guy now
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Toller Go to original post
    I'm afraid it would be too late to do something like that this week, TIMMAH1997, but we can absolutely send it in as a suggestion for future challenges.
    Can I get a free santa then? :P
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    As a card itself Santa will unbalance things even more, but congratulations to the (probably art) fellas who made the selection of quotes for santa, they are really funny and santa is just hilarious.

    Team wars, the way it appears to be designed to be inherently unbalanced makes it less than appealing but not gonna bother with further feedback there since it doesn't matter what players think in 90% of the cases, it looks like.

    Token collection back to back, I get it since it's a good chance for you guys to empty some wallets, but if you wanted to show that you care for the part of the community dreading token events, then at least you would've shown that by lowering the token required amounts slightly, at the very least that as a Christmas real gift and not a pack with coal inside, very disappointed our complaints are less important than t&p's farts in the wind, too bad SPPD!
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