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    Final SoT King boss fight utterly miscalibrated on diabolic difficulty

    I really enjoyed TFBW for the most part, and despite resenting some of the changes made from SoT, I ended up really appreciating the things that made the two games so unique. I always try to play games on the hardest difficulty, so from the beginning of the game had switched my combat difficulty to diabolic. I remember there being ONE early fight, before I had more than even 2 artifacts, where I felt completely outgunned and reduced the difficulty to mastermind. Perhaps I could have done more with my artifacts at the time, but I was still learning how the combat and artifacts even worked and got beaten on diabolic a few times so I cut myself a break.

    Afterwards I immediately changed my difficulty back to diabolic, leveled up, and got another artifact which finally made my squad loadout more effective. From that point on, i very rarely lost combat scenarios, including boss fights. In general, I felt that the hardest fights were the ones where you had to identify a new game mechanic that the enemy was using, such as the white-masked ninjas spawning more teammates. I lost that fight on my first two tries but then easily beat it once I focused my fire on those enemies first. That was rewarding; it didn't take many tries, but it at least required some attention and adaptation. Sure the game was probably easy for a difficulty level called "diabolic," but it at least wasn't a total cakewalk (and we're not really here playing South Park games primarily for difficulty right?).

    So I went on through the main story, leveling up my artifacts primarily for knockback and critical strike damage and experimenting slightly with my teammates, only occasionally losing my first attempts at boss battles and then adjusting to whatever new skill the boss was using. When I finally got to the King SoT battle, which is for all intents and purposes the final boss (despite Cartman, the actual villain, not even being there?...), I was at first impressed with the rise in difficulty. For context, my artifact might was in the low-mid 700s, so I was outclassed for sure but not dramatically, and in fact had been outclassed for most of the game with no problem. On my first few attempts, I was learning how the team switching worked and adjusting to the powers that Thief Craig, Warrior Clyde, and Elf Kyle brought to the boss battle. I died once on Thief Craig before realizing that he could just continue to spawn 4 teammates at a time, and also died once fighting Kyle with his ridiculous arrow attack (350 damage + bleeding to all your team no matter where Kyle is standing) and dark knight teammates that can do something like 600 damage a turn (more than some of my teammates' full health, and more than double the damage of my most powerful attack). After a few attempts, I realized that I didn't need to protect my teammates for the early stages since they were one and done, and realized it was quite easy to at least reach the final stage of the battle.

    Again I figured that this would just take a round or two to adjust to the king's new powers. I was familiar with the other enemies at this point, and was aware of the ridiculousness of their attacks, but was confident after beating them all once that a second time wouldn't be so bad. The first time I get there, the King, on his first turn, reduces my entire team to about half health. The turns swap between my team and theirs, so I have one turn before Craig summons 4 teammates. Now the battle is 4 on 9, and all 9 of my enemies have equal (Craig's clones) or much greater power (everyone else) to most of my team's standard attacks. Craig's minions already start getting their turns, inflicting about 250 melee damage each chance they get. After I get one more turn, Clyde is up, and grants all his teammates 300 protection, (again) a number greater than any of my standard attacks. Finally, the enemy attack lineup finishes with Kyle, who just sits in the back corner and can attack every single team member of mine and inflict bleeding with his arrow volley. The worst part about the arrow volley? IT EVEN AFFECTS ME WHEN I'M INVISIBLE.

    I gave the fight probably 7-10 full tries, and never got anywhere close to winning. Using every fart, special, and appropriate summon I could, there was simply no way to overcome the ridiculously OP opponent moves. I sat aghast at how every single enemy I faced was at least twice as powerful (also with twice as much health) as my team members. After a few hours of frustration, I finally again adjusted the combat difficulty to mastermind...giving the fight one more try, I got through it with all my teammates alive (still using appropriate farts, specials, and summons though). I'm just completely dumbfounded at the ridiculous difficulty spike in the King fight, especially at the difference between mastermind and diabolic . Where I found most other boss fights clever and rewarding, this one just spat in my face and gave me absolutely no options given my current team status. I'm sure I could have made it possible for myself by increasing my might, but who wants to be forced to farm for specific artifacts to counter bs moves right at the climax of the story? Beyond that, I had already overwritten my save before realizing just how unbalanced the fight was, so I would have had to load a MUCH earlier save and replay through the last whole chunk of the game if I wanted new artifacts. It just struck me as incredibly irresponsible design, and not at all consistent with the rest of the game's progression.

    I know others have posted about the difficulty of the fight, on both mastermind and diabolic, but was anyone else so shocked as I was? Furthermore, was it a glitch of some kind that allowed Kyle to attack me when invisible? That was the first time in the entire game where a specifically directed attack (not AOE) affected my invisible character, and the whole experience unfortunately left a sour taste in my mouth.

    ASIDE: I'm def not here looking for strategies, but just fyi I did look for recommended powers and teammates to use during the King fight, and I listened to all the advice I found. The plantmancer bleeding root attack was certainly effective at wiping out Craig clones and inflicting bleeding, but it didn't do much against five enemies that have 1000-3000 health and can kill me in two turns.
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    Eh, why not reduce the difficulty? I mean it's that simple.
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