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    i sent a email to blue byte thanking them for making anno 2205 they havn't email back

    ll just post this here... if they see it....

    Hello BlueByte I hope my letter will reach out to you. I've been your huge fan of Anno and I really enjoyed playing 2070 and 2205. I'm sorry that 2205 didn't get huge fame through out players and people who like building cities. Despite others criticism about 2055, I really liked it. I've just wanted to say thank you for making it and I still enjoy it to this day. (I really like building bases on moon) Heh , it's really hard to manage but it's really fun. I like just watching machines and characters just walking around and everything. I hope there is going to be a Anno on mars. Thank you again -R. Groenewald
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    You're not the only one, I'm still enjoying that game too! Whatever people say, this is still one of the best city-builders to me.
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    Yes, I am very enjoyed 2205 and I do not understand why some don't like it, it's still anno at core to me because game still about settle new place, build up, trade resource, it's even better, not limited to one map and start over, but still had old and new map to help each other and trade, that many anno do not had that before. I'm not sure about anno 1800 yet.
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