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    Problems With Big Gay Al's Cat Quest

    Hi there.

    Im using South Park TFBH on PC, UPlay.
    And I've collected all the cats for Big Gay Al, but for some reason he only has 5 cats.
    I've walked around the city to find the places where the cats are, and tried to reverse time with a Fart ability go back in time to see if somethings happens, but no cats show up.
    And my inventory has no cats.
    What should i do ?, i need 1 cat to complete the quest, and I've followed this homepage to find the cats, and there's not cats left ?.
    - Does anyone else have this problem or is it a bug ?

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    Spoiler:  Show
    Did you find the one at the Canadian border?
    you have to freeze time and put the tub of member berries next to him so he can't block your path

    Cats on branches need to be time rewinded if you break the branch without catching them
    Spoiler:  Show
    like the one outside of Bebes house
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    I've got past the farmer, and into the woods.
    But if there's 8 cats in total, then it makes sense !.
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    i just looked it up, i miscounted there is only 6. My apologies
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    Oh, i found this site (linked below), and I've got all the cats from those places, and i used revese fart time thing, to get the cats. But Al only has 5 cats ?!.

    Link: http://www.ign.com/wikis/south-park-...s_Big_Gay_Cats
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    I have the very same issue.
    Only 5 Cats show up at BG and MS's place and i wrote on a piece of paper each and every catch.
    There might be a flag bug somewhere.

    Picture of the cats:
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    So it's not just me.
    I waited in the game to turn into a new day (waited 1 ingame day) and then i went out and used that reverse time fart, and found out that the cat at Bebe's house was the problem.
    The thing is, that it wasnt in the buches, it wasnt around, and did not make any noise at all !!. But, when i used the reverse time fart, then it showed up, and then i could pick it up and complete the quest.
    I hope that Ubisoft sees this, and tries to fix this bug :-).
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    Thanks, like the original diagnostic, it was the exact same thing.
    It was the cat near Bebe's that went back to not being caught (winding back made it reappear on the branch).
    That was really odd ...

    I hope it gets fixed as well, i lost quite some time going back and forth, but at least it was not broken beyond repair .
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    well, im having a completely different problem. the cat at SodaSopa is not spawning. at all
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    My wife is having the same problem on her game. She got all six cats and turned them in, but Al is only giving credit for five of them. If it helps, she turned two of them in at the same time, and that appears to be where the game stopped taking count correctly. Really hoping they get this patched soon too!
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