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    Can you check my username: TheStonerNL
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    hi can you check how long i have to wait to change my username? my uplay is currently Cez-.
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    Hello, can someone tell me when i can change my username?
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    Hey I just joined a community and want to change my uplay to the clan name, How can I know when I changed my UPLAY name?
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    how long do i have left to change my name

    hi how long do i left to change my name ]
    legacy name: wiglyguy21
    in game name: BigBoy_bradley
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    How many days left until i can change my name ?

    I would like to know how many days left till i can change my username.
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    Name change

    How can I tell when I can change my name again
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    when will i be able to change my username

    in game name: Kremezy-
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    UbiDork's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Dec 2018
    Hey everyone!

    Please know that to be able to provide you with an answer, I would technically be giving out your account information into a public space, which we can't do for account security!

    To ensure that you are able to have your question answered, please create a support ticket here to get more information on when you last changed your Ubisoft Account Username!

    You can also contact us on our social media on Twitter and Facebook!
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    Can someone check how long til i can please
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