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    An idea to increase profits and improve game!! help

    Add a new currency that can only be purchased through the bank. One possible historically significant suggestion would be diamonds. I'd suggest $5 a piece.

    - Put all of the previous limited time only equipment and armor back in the game and sell them for one diamond each. So, once a tournament or community boss fight ends and the equipment is no longer available for gold, it will still be able to be purchased with diamonds.
    - Add two additional gladiator slots that can only be purchased for a diamond each.
    - Create a perk store where silver perks can be purchased with silver, gold perks with gold, and the limited time perks like mark of achilles, agron's rage, and shroud of the fallen can be purchased for one diamond each.

    The important thing here is not to charge more than $5 for a piece of equipment or perk. Limited time only weapons and armor cost over 350 gold which would cost $30 to purchase from the bank. THAT'S $30 FOR 1 SWORD!!!! I love this game and would be happy to financially support it, but can't justify that insane cost:value ratio. There are things that I (and many other players) want that aren't available, but could be made available for a price.
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    What dimension?

    Game has been closed for years. I suggest the sell it on console
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    Great ideas

    Great ideas though
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