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    Physical toys chip connector loose

    One of may weapons, to be specific the nullifier, the connector chip is loose, it wobbles as if it will break off anytime soon. Can I glue it back , how can I fix it. Please help. Thanks
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    I can’t be of much help except to recommend trying to get the seller to replace it or if you can’t to go to Ubisoft’s support site at http://support.ubi.com

    I personally would recommend that you do not try to use glue, if it gets on the metal contact points of the circuit board it will most likely cause it to become unreadable by the rest of your toys. Unfortunately from examining my own Levitator I have determined that the rear section of the toy is glued onto the main body and prevents you from opening the toy by simply unscrewing it to glue it from the inside.

    Out of curiosity though, does the board move side to side or does it slide farther into or out of the toy? All of the circuit boards in my weapons sit rather firmly in place and only move very very slightly when pressed against with the tip of my finger. My starter pack came with a defective ship mount and I had to replace it at the retailer where I bought it, every other add on pack I purchased has worked fine so far. Unfortunately as with all physical goods sold around the globe your bound to have a few duds get though quality control.
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    It moves from side to side. It also looks like its about to break off, but so far it still works. Thank for all your help.
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    I also recommend reaching out to the vendor of the game. If the item is within warranty you should be able to get it replaced if there is an obvious issue.
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