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    Very impressive demo. The seamless open world and its vastness are exceptional; the spyglass mechanics is very interesting and I like the approach to fighting...also the control system seems easy and intuitive
    Ganesha city looks good, I hope that the final result will be great
    I found some flaws in the use of the gun: I found the aim system awkward with the result that ranged combat doesn't blend well with the melee combat
    One last thing is that maybe it would be more immersive to change the spaceship's parts in a garage (like the mammago's) than change them instantly from the game menu
    Keep up the good work, team
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    Thanks for sharing the demo, the scope is crazy! The moment that dog fight was happening and we could see Ganesha city below us was more than perfect!
    The flight control looks so cool!
    but the fighting by melee and weapon looks too early! I hope it's because of the stage of the game. also those abilities are so good, happy to have them

    My main concern in our character, they didn't even say a word I think! are we going to have a muted character?! did you forgot what options made Jade, JADE?! Please if it is muted, reconsider it

    The detail on Police Station and Bank looks promising as gameplay options! like sneaking into police station to find out when the next big money cargo is arriving and then planing a raid on that...
    I hope we have mini-game and actual activities in the game.

    all and all, this game beside Cyberpunk 2077 are my most anticipated games! Hope next time we see some story mission gameplay too
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    I'm guardedly optimistic about the combat mechanics. After all this is very early footage and I'm sure the developers are aware of the bugs that need dealing with (the most glaring flaw being that there is no lock-on element). However, I really like the idea of having martial arts temples wherein you could level up your combat, i.e.; learn new combos, up your stats, etc. And to have some different martial arts masters teaching you would be heckin' neat. Not only would that add to the combat experience but it would add to the game's overall sense of immersion.
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    Where can i get the demo

    Plz let me no if and other space monkeys Noo 🙈💦
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    As far as I know there is no demo that I know of but I'm pretty sure there was some beta signups somewhere down the line but dunno how far that is along. I suppose it depends on how much is actually playable without bugs as a beta needs to have stability before shared with the public otherwise you get similar backlash to what fallout 76's beta had though I'm sure Ubisoft will announce something in due course.
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