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    Developer Update: Unfulfilled

    Hey everyone! Toller here, and I’ve brought along all the details for this week’s developer update! Let’s dive right in!



    Welcome to another exciting week of South Park: Phone Destroyer! Have you tried out this week’s Challenge mode yet? It’s the We Are All Assassins Challenge! Break out your best Tanks and Fighters because they will have their attack power increased, but at the cost of decreased health.

    Remember that beyond just pushing your own Tanks and Fighters, you’ll need to be ready to counter those of your opposing New Kid. Might I suggest bringing along some Swarm cards to help manage the numbers?


    South Park is back with an all new episode this week and we’ll be having a card usage event featuring content from the newest South Park episode. No spoilers here, so you’ll have to wait for the event to start! You can see the press release for the next episode here!

    South Park is chosen to be the home for Amazon’s newest Fulfillment Center in an all-new episode titled, “Unfulfilled” airing on Wednesday, December 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

    The citizens of South Park are enjoying all the perks of being a company town when the Amazon Fulfillment Center moves in. Everything is just swell until the contradictions inherent in capitalism threaten to bring down the entire system down.

    We’re adding in something fun to this event! We’ve added in an event leaderboard! Choose your cards wisely, as New Kids can compete to reach the top of this leaderboard to claim the top prize: a copy of the newly buffed Grand Wizard Cartman! Good luck to you all!

    Card List:

    • Rat Swarm
    • Freeze Ray
    • Choirboy Butters
    • Stan of Many Moons
    • Grand Wizard Cartman
    • The Master Ninjew
    • Cyborg Kenny
    • Pope Timmy

    The point requirements are as follows:

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 5
    2 10
    3 15
    4 25
    5 40
    6 55
    7 75
    8 100

    Reward Tier Points Required
    1 25
    2 75
    3 250
    4 650
    5 1200
    6 2000

    We will also be trying something we have never tried before with this event! An exciting new addition will be made to this weekend’s event that will allow every player to earn added rewards - if the community participates! Throughout the weekend, there will be a Community Scoreboard of 10 Million points scored. The same points you earn toward event progress will be tallied up, and each day, we'll update the in-game news, and our social media with the amount of points the community has earned so far. If the goal is met, then everyone who participated will receive
    the Grand Prize: The new Safety Vest outfit, 250 Cash, 2000 Coins, 50 Bronze Materials, 50 Silver Materials and 50 Gold materials!


    Holidays this week will mean the stream is cancelled, but don’t despair! We’ll be back before you know it. If you had any comments or questions you were saving, feel free to post them here instead. We’ll miss you!


    We’re still taking new applications for content creators, so if you’d like to apply, the time is now!
    Do you create South Park: Phone Destroyer content and want to join our content creator program? If so, please fill out the form here and we’ll go through them and reach out to selected users in the next couple of weeks! Please include the link to your content, in the comments section, so we check out your content!

    That’s everything I have to share for now! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, let us know!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team!
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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND another secret Mystical event. Wow, haven't seen one of those in a while.

    Well, I definitely see I can't help the mentally atrophied. Goodbye, creatures!
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    Oh great. A leaderboard for the event where one person will win a single copy of GWC for spending their entire weekend grinding the game non-stop. WHAT A DEAL! Why not just give any player who completes the event a copy of GWC? Why run this ridiculous leaderboard? The community has repeatedly stated that we DO NOT LIKE these event leaderboards because they don't reflect or reward skill. It rewards whoever plays the most and sleeps the least. It promotes unhealthy gaming habits and it is not fun.
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    Hi Toller!

    Thank you for the update! I was wondering if you could answer a few questions if you find the time!

    Glad to see the event leaderboard is back with some better Loot! That is a great improvement over past loot. Question is regarding that leaderboard\loot is there anything being done for this event to counter-act the massive de-ranking that will occur for this event? Just wondering since it will encourage it even more with the better loot!

    Also just wanted to be sure that it was 10 MILLION for the Community Scoreboard and it wasn’t a typo. Just was making sure because it would take (math) 100,000 people completing the event which seems quite unrealistic to be honest! But who knows maybe we will blow that number away!! Just wanted to be sure it was correct and not a typo!

    And also with the community scoreboard, since most of RL staff is off on the weekends, is this leader-board self-updating\\ we will be updated each day? Or will it be automated—and possibly do you know about what time it will be updated? Also, can you please define Social media? Will you be posting it on the UBI site, Facebook, Twitter or maybe all 3? Also please make sure it is in the Game Notes\Information as well! That is a resource that many will use since they are not on social media!! Thanks

    Also any update on the refund for the past weekend Challenge?

    Final questions!! Any update on Server-Side implementation, Team vs Team and also are you guys still only able to accept Apple iOS for the content creators? Or is Android\Google being accepted as well now?

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Guys please, don't be that obvious, 3 of 8 cards are mystical and commonly seen in decks
    Choirboy Butters
    The Master Ninjew
    Pope Timmy

    at least include more cards from other themes...
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    attack power increased, but at the cost of decreased health
    Why can't you just tell us some exact numbers? It's about 33% HP and 300 % attack for tanks and fighters. ... how hard has that been?
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    Screw the wood/bronze/silver shields that run adv/fantasy and haven't gotten any legendaries yet. Well played RedLynx, well played.
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    Event looks great! Nice to see Mystical get a bit of love lately. Community prize is a terrific idea too, will be interesting to see if the target is reached.
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    I think about 4 more cards should be added. 2 neutral, 1 adventure, and 1 fantasy. Not everyone has legendaries that are playable, and some of the newbies to the game don't have any at all.
    The added cards will help established players run a high point deck, which will help the community work toward the goal of 10 million points.
    I don't know what that number is based on, but it seems high for a card usage event. That number may be better for a token collection event.
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    Can you guys please make the visitors card available in shop for people who dont have one yet to perchas or at least make them available during the next sci fi event please. Also can you make so your wins dont recet if you continue after e losses. The poi t of continuing in a arcade is to keep playing once you have died. Not start back at level one. mike13131
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