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    Ubisoft! Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

    Splinter Cell back in the day was tightly connected to the Xbox brand. It would only be logical to make the classic Splinter Cell games (Splinter Cell, SC Pandora Tomorrow, SC Chaos Theory) be playable on the Xbox One! Also, Kudos for the great work making Double Agent, Conviction and Blacklist available on the BC.

    P.S. Splinter Cell Double Agent on the Original Xbox was also a great game and was made by the original developer Ubi Montreal. Is it possible to make it BC as well? I understand the fact, that the xbox Execs would raise their eyebrows as there will be 2 games of the same title, boxart, even gameplay on the Xbox marketplace but please!!
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    And its here
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    Yup! It's crazy, they even made OG DA backwards compatible! Now to have them all available on the Xbox Marketplace and Xbox One will be the best console to enjoy the whole Splinter Cell series.
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    Yes that's a good thing too! PS4 people, a good excuse to come over to Xbox

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Xbox Marketplace
    Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Marketplace
    Chaos Theory Xbox Marketplace
    Double Agent Original Xbox Xbox Marketplace
    Double Agent 360 Xbox Marketplace
    Conviction Xbox Marketplace
    Blacklist Xbox Marketplace

    There it is right there *night vision goggles sound*

    And it's the last batch of back compat games Xbox will ever be doing until next gen soo...
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    Problems with SC DA for 360 on Xbox one

    Hello all. Anyone on here having problems with SCDA 360 version on Xbox one. I canít get the game to load except when I move the game to external storage. Even then it will save my progress but not the campaign missions. Any guidance is appreciated.
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    Iím very happy about this. Iíll be ecstatic if online multiplayer spies vs mercs is supported. PT and CT was the most fun online play ever.
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    Anyone know if itís remastered?
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    Utter carp

    Yes they are all on xbox one . That's it but are they any good? NO! Can't adjust video settings, no controller layout configuration, ( well, not found) basic controls are hidden. Jerky movement. It's like the whole "stealth" idea has been discarded by snowboarding twats who just did the basic port. Without playing the game. Waste of time,effort money.
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