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    Are there any good sites or wikis worth reading that dive deeply into the worldbuildi

    It's possible that with a single movie there's just not enough content for this, but whether it's /r/Cosmere or , I love getting to read theorycrafting about fictional universes.

    My girlfriend introduced me to Avatar earlier this year (somehow I'd just never seen it) and then we watched it again over the holiday. I noticed a million neat little details and also had a bunch of new questions at the end.

    For example, I noticed the horses and the flying creatures (other animals too probably) have a pair of braid-bond-things: can two Navi bond with a single horse at the same time? If not, what happens when they try? Can/do the horses bond with each other? What about other cross-species bonding, is that a thing?

    Or for another example, how often does Pandora make a full revolution around its planet? Based on the sizes/proximity of moon and planet, it seems like Pandora would experience some serious lunar eclipsing, but that doesn't seem to happen a single time during the months depicted in the film. Is it a very slow revolution so it just never happened during the movie (but when it does happen it lasts awhile)? Maybe Pandora has a fast revolution and eclipses are in sync with night (but if so what does the other side of Pandora think about this)?

    Anyway that's the kind of stuff I started thinking about this second time through and I'd love to read stuff like that other people have thought up or figured out over the years.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome, thanks!
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    A bit late reply, and you probably have found it already on your own, but this wiki is quite comprehensive: https://james-camerons-avatar.fandom.com. There are articles about everything found in the world from plants to animals to Na'vi culture.
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