Hello everyone,

Since the release of the History Collection last Thursday we received a lot of feedback, feature requests and some bug reports - and we read it all, be it on Social Media, the forums, Discord or on The Settlers Alliance.
And as we announced last week, we now want to give you an update on our plans for the The Settlers History Editions.

We already fixed the The Settlers 7 History Edition building upgrade bug on Monday and we will continue working on improvements for the games.

Most of the issues you reported are under investigation, but it is too early to give any (set in stone) details yet. We will just mention a few issues here, as we think those are the most pressing / concerning ones:

Multiplayer Lobbies
Some of you are big fans of multiplayer matches and would like to have a more straight-forward way than inviting people from your Uplay friendslist.
We're looking into the option to add a lobby system to the games and will keep you updated on this matter.

Map Editors
The Settlers 3 and 4 will receive their editors at a later date, the team is currently working on implementing them.

Desynch problem
Is being investigated, to allow a smooth multiplayer experience in The Settlers 4 History Edition.

The Settlers 4 History Edition - Multiplayer Saving while in a generated map
Saving manually in multiplayer will not lead to game crashes anymore.

The Settlers 3 - Legacy Bugs
We are still investigating the issues for the T3 Egyptian archers bug as well as the issues with the "Divine Shield" (Asians) and "Cursed Arrows" (Amazons) spells. Thanks for all the community help we received for those particular bugs.

As we said at the beginning, we'll keep you updated on these (and the other) points over the coming weeks.
Thank you all for your support, feedback and patience in this matter.

Your The Settlers Team