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    Map problem?

    Hi I just started playing this game and I noticed, when I go to the Map only my location is shown, No quest markers, locations or anything else. Can you kindly tell me how to fix this?

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    Right trigger

    Adjust map options
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    If you just started playing the game, you won't see much until you travel to other locations. That will come later in the game. In Siwa, in the beginning your quests are on the table. Once you complete the main quest in that area, you will be summoned to help in other areas by your ally. Then, your map will start to open more. Make sure to sync your fast travel points too.
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    Hey Larry. as Chas pointed out, you do need to pass the initial opening of the game, and be sure to Sync locations and that should make points of interest start showing on your map. I thought someone already got back to this thread, so just wanted to check that you managed to work it out.
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