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    For Thai Language Please Change font size or swaping font

    first i'd like to thanks you guys very much, for thai gaming community we glad to have a very first ubisoft game that have a thai language

    in Rainbow Six Siege i'm surprise how good is it in terms of translate and accent, it feel like this is it, this is how thai people said when thay in operation, and i see movie about police a lot you guys work verry well and i really thanks you for that

    but one thing i notice first time when i choose thai launguage is the Font is too big, and i mean really big it's doesn't feel right if you can adjust the size or font it self it would be better, i have a couple pic for you and thanks for listen our community

    ps. sorry for bad eng,

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    Hey Mirajane-AR,

    I'm sorry to hear that you find the Thai characters too big. Thank you for taking out the time and taking screenshots of what you are talking about for us to understand the situation. I will pass the feedback to the Rainbow Six: Siege team.
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