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    Are there any news regarding lobbies in settlers 3/4 ??

    Much appreciated not to get any general answer ..
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    I doubt it, but I'd also like to know if there is any progress regarding the AI in multiplayer desync issue.
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    They said they're looking into it... don't be persistent... it takes time... and community managers can only tell you as much as they're informed from Ubi @Mrau
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    Both topics are not off the table, we hope to soon have news regarding the lobbies, we know you've all been waiting a while for news already.

    The desynch topic is an ongoing thing but unfortunately also not that easy to fix since there are quite a few possible causes for them and finding them takes time.
    Feel free to send us savegames of affected matches at thesettlers-alliance@ubisoft.com so our team can investigate those.

    Thank you for being so patient in this matter
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    In the meantime, for those who are interested in connecting online, there are a group of players who play Settlers 3 online using an alternative lobby:


    This is a very well established community with hundreds of players.

    I don't think this works with the history edition though; you'd have to buy the original on gog.com
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    settlers 3 multiplayer

    yes you can play settlers 3 online via the Alobby, I would have liked the lobby system from the past, but I think ubisoft just doesn't want to put in the money and time anymore which I think is a shame, via the Alobby there are many people who are online on a regular basis so it is still played enough. greets Bengo1989 (for settlers multiplayer via the Alobby you need either the version of GOG or the regular CD of settlers)
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    Guys, they dont give a damn about desync or anything like that, sad to say its been ove 2 years... if they they cared it would have been solved a long time ago.
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