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    Horizontal Look Inversion

    Hi guys,
    How can I go about asking the developers to make a patch allowing for horizontal look inversion on the camera controls? There is vertical look inversion available already but I have learnt gaming on fully inverted camera controls and so playing this game is really too hard for me! It's such a shame to have spent all that money on this game and then find that it doesn't support my usual mode of camera control, and so I just can't aim, fly and fire fast enough to defeat enemies, because it's all backwards to me. Unfortunately because of this I got nowhere with the game and gave up after the first try.
    I'm sure there are other people out there who are also used to full inversion and may be having the same problem. Anyone else feel the same way? A patch would seem easy to release for this!
    Many thanks
    Looking forward to enjoying the game eventually
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    I've passed on your feedback to the Starlink team. Thanks for reaching out, Josh.
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