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    Multiplayer lobby


    Is there ANY other way to join other players game other than using "Quick game".
    What seems ridiculously stupid is that when using "Quick game" I'm prompted to choose the map, teams etc... and then the game proceeds to throw me into some completely random lobby that has nothing to do with the settings that I have used.

    There is no game list that I can choose from to join some particular game.

    When Setting up "New Game" I have no clue if my game is visible there or if anyone is even able to join at all, waited for few minutes and noone was joining.

    Please bring back PROPER Settlers III Multiplayer Lobby like it was in the original game!
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    You can set up a game and invite friends from your Uplay friends list or the other way round.
    We've forwarded the feedback regarding a lobby and will let you know as soon as we have news on this topic.
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    That's playing with friends and not multiple people on the internet as well.

    If I wanted to just play with friends I would stick to old settlers 3 because it's possible there.

    What's even worse, I can't even return this damn game anymore because I dared to DOWNLOAD IT to check.
    Uplay has to be the worst digital platform ever created. Even EA which everyone hates has a proper Refund policy on their Origin platform, Steam as well.
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