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    Settlers II - split screen mode


    I have just bought Settlers II - History Edition and I'm wondering how to play on a split screen with 2 mouses or mouse/xbox controller. Currently one screen is for the mouse and the other one for keyboard. When I plug another mouse into the computer, then both mouses operate on the same side of the screen and when I plug xbox controller, then it allows me to push A to play the game but doesn't see controller at all in-game.

    Do you know how can I handle this?
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    You can change the controls for the second player in Uplay.
    Click on Settlers 2 in Uplay, then on Play -> TSHE2 - Config.
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    Hey, thank you for your reply. Sadly I have already tried it - there is an option there to change the controller for "Player 2". But whether I choose keyboard or mouse, the situation is still the same - left side of the screen is controlled by both mice and right side by keyboard

    E: fixed. I had to restart computer having both mice plugged. Only then it worked.
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    Glad to hear it works now, hope you're enjoying split screen
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    When i play Splitscreen, how can i Zoom in and Speed Up.The only buttons on Keyboard they work a, s ,d ,f? Both players play with mouse.
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    I tried the same (with the 2 mice plugged when restarting + option mouse for player 2) but It doesn't work. Any idea? (computer: a laptop => thus 3 mice plugged)
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    2 mice support?

    Hi, have the same problem. Cannot enable the second mouse. How did you do that?
    I can't run the config while I'm in the game.

    Both mice are plugged on start.

    E: solved! While playing on a Mac (Bootcamp) there is number of updates, also for input devices (use Apple Software Update programm) and it solved my issue.
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    Restarting with both mouses is not helpful. Win 10. 2nd mouse is logitech wireless, recognized by Win as a USB Receiver for both Keyboard+Mouse. In config setup both players use mouses. Out of game both mouses are active, but in game only left screen, right is under keyboard. So is any way to fix or use only cable mouse?
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