Hey Folks,

Progressing into your journey in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle means getting to face tougher opponents, and you need to make sure your team is fully prepared to win against these formidable threats! To overcome the challenges they may represent, you can either go full defense and choose Peach as a Paladin or prefer a more offensive approach and bet everything on Rabbid Yoshi, the game’s Fighter. Below are the two heroes’ cards highlighting you on how you have played and fought with them this past year.

Peach is the ultimate Paladin. The princess handles damage like no other hero: her large health pool will secure the rest of your team and help you get through any complicated fight. If you’re used to having one last hero standing at the end of your game, she can be the one – and you understood that since, in your battles, she took an average of 184 damage per fight. That’s a lot higher than the all heroes average, check the card!

However, if your motto is “the best defense is a good offense,” you may want to choose Rabbid Yoshi instead. You can upgrade his Dash up to five times and take enemies like the Smashers out quickly. Equipped with his Shield and your favorite super-effect, the Push, he takes less damage than Peach.

Both heroes let you approach enemies very differently. But how would you recommend using them in battle? Against which enemies are they most needed, according to you? Let us know your thoughts!