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    Hi all, I tried to change the language in settlers 3 but it doesn't work
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    I have a question: for the 3rd chapter (and all dlc's) does anyone have the original disk bought in Italy? I can try to extract all files (audio video and texts) for the correct language and play it in virtual machine
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    Save a game settler 1

    Mostly it is impossible to save a game in settler 1.

    I'am very disappointed. The fist time since 12 years I bought a game from ubisoft and the same **** as it was. 5 bucks fpr nothing... thanks
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    where can i find the save games in the settlers 5 hok history edition?
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    informazioni se multiplayer e ancora attivo

    ciao mi rivolgo a te che hai scritto italiano, ma il multiplayer ti risulta che funziona ancora oppure e stato sosspeso da ubisoft?
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