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    As a rep 55 shinobi main I feel shinobi took a serious hit lately.

    In the current meta (wu lin) he's having a hard time. The change of gear stats made his stamina way worse and kinda forces you to use feats.

    A few ideas on improvement would be.

    - bring back his unique minion attacks (no idea why they got rid of these in the first place)

    - allow his zone to be cancelled before the last hit. Most heroes have this already. Zone is useless because everyone knows to block.

    - reduce his recovery and reaction time; feels like (and this has been confirmd) that shinobis time is slower than others? Why?! Hes a ninja. Also his time to get up after long range pary or guardbreak. Allows free heavy now. Ridicilous..

    - improve general stamina and or health.
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    Been posting this all over lol

    Rep 54 Shinobi here , just throwing my two cents here “ no pun intended “. I have come to the conclusion that Shinobi needs a midrange tweak to his kit. As of now he can perform quite effectively at long range and close range. 2 or 3 moves added to his kit that help close the gap between long to mid and mid to close, in my “ opinion “ will balance him out. Of course his recovery time and overall defensive capabilities need a retweak as well. The tracking and speed on some of his heavies is way to slow for his class. Furthermore the moves that I suggest be implemented into his kit should be defensive offense. Meaning they won’t inflict damage, but will either stun , unbalance, or knockdown opponents. I also suggest a replacement zone attack. His old minions heavy attack. Make it have an unblockable propety and swing around 3 times. This will be most valuable in anti gank situations.
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    I wanna know why his heavy minion attack has changed?
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    As a day one Shinobi main, I for one can agree with all of these statements as well. The zone cancel was a nice addition.. But if I may add, I believe a few new animations are well over due. For example when backflipping away they can now almost always reach you. Which doesn’t make sense because the point is to get up close and get a safe distance away. So I suggest adding an actual backflip animation as soon as the Shinobi lands the backhand-spring (backflip). To create a little bit of extra distance. Also I believe the Shinobi deserves an unblockable heavy attack on the second heavy, because most characters have it by now. I also think it would work really nice to have the Shinobi ranged attacks unblockable as well.. it would even out the playing ground due to most people getting upset, at a random heavy coming at them in the middle of a fight. But if it glowed orange and was unblockable it would be easier to see coming out of nowhere, and you would also have to react differently so not to OP. Also I think being able to soft feint a heavy into a light would help Shinobi, I believe that when Shinobi gets counter guard broken it’s too damaging to guarantee a (hight damage) heavy, I think they should pull him close with his already intact forward roll animation, he just should be stunned and can not react for a short period of time like when he actually lands the ranged guard break on someone else

    It would also be nice to have character specific executions, and bring back character specific minion animation kills as well. Everyone loved that!!!! It would be neat to see them for the new characters
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