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    Mentors Guild Community Discussion - Your Ideal AC

    Hi all,

    Sorry for being late with this week's topic. This time the format is going to be a little different than usual.
    Mentor Turul posted a list of qualities from different AC games that, when combined together, would form his "dream AC".

    So, as an example:

    "The Gameplay, Graphics, Animation, and City of Unity.
    The Charisma of Ezio, the Intensity of Bayek, & the Resolve of Connor.
    The Abilities of Odyssey.
    The World & Art Direction of Origins.
    The Modern Day and Lore of Brotherhood.
    The Storytelling of Black Flag."

    How would your ideal AC game look? Which qualities from different games would you choose to combine?


    As part of a set of new Community Initiatives, we'd like to give opportunities to the community to give more direct feedback, and will now host weekly discussion on specific topics that relate the Assassin's Creed Franchise. These community discussions will take place on the AC subreddit, the Official Ubisoft Forums, and on the Mentors Guild Twitter. These discussions will be open for 1 week. The threads and responses will be shared directly with the Assassin's Creed Community Development team, who will then pass that info on to concerned parties within Ubisoft itself.

    While the Mentors get opportunities to speak directly with the creators of Assassin’s Creed and frequently communicate with the Community Development Team, this is not the case for every fan. We want to change that. We want fans to have their voices heard directly, in the same ways the Mentors do. These activities are a step towards meeting this goal. If you want Ubisoft to see what you have to say, this is the place to do it.


    Your Ideal AC


    Here are some ideas you can use as a basis for your list. Feel free to add more if you want!

    My ideal AC would consist of....

    -The Graphics/Art Direction of ________

    -The Combat System of ________

    -The Parkour of __________

    -The World Design of ________

    -The Modern Day and Lore of _________

    -The Composer of _________

    -The Character Writing of _________

    -The Storytelling of _________

    -The Side Content of _________

    -The Character Customization of ________


    While these discussions are meant to allow for honest and raw feedback directly from the community, the best way to ensure your voice is heard is to be constructive - be critical of the process, not the people. Be specific with your criticisms and suggest tangible solutions and improvements.
    We hope to see active participation and that this will be a successful way of getting the fans' voices truly heard.
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    -The Graphics/Art Direction of: Unity

    -The Combat System of: Assassin's Creed 1

    -The Parkour of: Revelations

    -The World Design of: Odyssey

    -The Modern Day and Lore of: Assassin's Creed III

    -The Composer of: Jesper Kyd (let's say with a particular inspiration from Revelations)

    -The Character Writing of: Darby McDevitt (specifically in Black Flag)

    -The Storytelling of: Odyssey's team, with just a bit more focus on tightening up the narrative by game design

    -The Side Content of: Origins

    -The Character Customization of: Unity, but with Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood's cosmetic options

    If I could add another few categories-

    The First Civ Content of Odyssey

    The Cutscent Quality of Unity

    The Action Setpieces of Syndicate

    The DLC of Origins

    The Global Scale of Liberation and Rogue (ironic, considering they're arguably the smallest games)

    and finally

    The "Rift Sequences" of Revelations and Syndicate

    Thanks Six!
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    AC Odyssey story

    with more (classic)Tomb Raider for the tombs

    and more Mass Effect for the romances.

    Plus adding more RPG elements such as outfit dye, food and drink merchants for temporary buffs, interacting with seats and banks to sit down.

    Also I really did miss the going into hiding while sitting down on benches with other NPC's or hiding in a standing/walking group.
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    Thanks SixKeys, this is a fun one.
    I have separated art direction and graphics as they are two entirely different things.

    My ideal AC would consist of....

    The Graphics of Unity (or day 1 Odyssey pre 1.0.3. and 1.0.4. ).

    Art Direction of ACII.

    The Combat System of Odyssey.

    The Parkour of Assassin's Creed 1 combined with the fluidity of Unity but this is LARGELY dependent on environments.

    The World Design of Origins.

    The Modern Day and Lore of Brotherhood and ACIII.

    The Composer of ACII. (Jesper Kyd)

    The Character Writing of Ezio or Kassandra.

    The Storytelling of ACII or Odyssey.

    The Side Content of Odyssey and Brotherhood.

    The Character Customization of Odyssey (which includes the glamour option coming in an update) with the cosmetic options of Unity.
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    My ideal AC would consist of....

    -The Graphics/Art Direction of Origins and Odyssey

    -The Combat System of [Open world combat aka sword and hunter: Origins, Stealth: AC2]

    -The Parkour of Unity

    -The World Design of Odyssey for compact and beautiful world, Origins for how polished everything is

    -The Modern Day and Lore of AC3

    -The Composer of Odyssey

    -The Character Writing of Bayek from Origins (a father, a husband, care taker of kids and slayer of pharos and gods)

    -The Storytelling of Origins for linear and Odyssey for choices

    -The Side Content of Odyssey, (by far the best side quests, probably the best side quests in any games I have played)

    -The Character Customization of Odyssey for 5 types of armors (though I dont like the cosmetics, very few cloth based stuff), Unity for cosmetics, Origins for beard and haircut, also loved the Revelations outfit of Ezio
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    My ideal AC would consist of....

    -The Graphics/Art Direction of ________ Odyssey I love Odyssey, I cannot stop playing it. It looks amazing to me.

    -The Combat System of ________ Odyssey, the perfect amount of stealth plus combat that requires defence not just attack and strategy

    -The Parkour of __________ AC 3 I loved running through the trees.

    -The World Design of ________ Odyssey, It covers everything, cities, wetlands, mountains, sea, forests, sand rocks, lakes beautiful

    -The Modern Day of _________ Ubisofts Tomb Raider 2013/ Splinter Cell

    Because, I only want a modern day that has a purpose, like retrieving items in the MD that we track through history to their current location.

    I left out lore because I know nothing about it.

    -The Composer of _________ Odyssey it's music is very atmospheric... really sets the scene perfectly.

    -The Character Writing of _________ Far Cry 3/ 4...
    I'm not always concerned or feel connected with game characters, but Vaas, Buck, Sam, Citra, Jason and Hoyt from FC3... plus Pagan Min from FC 4 are all very likeable, even though some are evil (plus Haytham)

    -The Storytelling of _________ Any, I've found them all good. Odyssey has 3 which is probably the best.(But I am not driven by story lines)

    -The Side Content of _________ Odyssey cult members and AC 3 Homestead missions

    -The Character Customization of ________ Unity/ Odyssey

    I know I've stepped outside AC games but, they are Ubisoft games and could be used to make my ideal AC.
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    The Gameplay, of Syndicate

    The Animation of Unity

    The Parkour of Unity

    The Charisma of Ezio, the Intensity of Bayek,the Resolve of Connor, & the overall personality of Bayek (good with kids)

    The Abilities of Origins/Syndicate

    The World & Art Direction of Origins/Odyssey

    The Modern Day of AC3

    The Storytelling of Black Flag.

    First CIv content quality of Odyssey
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    The Graphics/Art Direction of Odyssey

    -The Combat System of AC2

    -The Parkour of Unity

    -The World Design of Odyssey

    -The Modern Day and Lore of All except AC4, ACU,ACS

    -The Composer of _________

    -The Character Writing of Ezio

    -The Storytelling = linear

    -The Side Content of Odyssey

    -The Character Customization of Unity
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    The graphic of: Unity
    The art design of: Origin/Odyssey
    The exploration of: Origins
    The side quest of: Odyssey
    The wild life of: Origins
    The combat of: Odyssey (could use a little tweak with those abilities for future game to make cool animation, counter kill like old game) Odyssey is already good but can be better.
    The stealth of: Syndicate (take hostage, environmental kill, cover, all the function of previous AC) minus can't use hood while standing plus hiding in bushes. Hope it reach splinter cell level.
    The customization of: Odyssey
    The Parkour of: Unity
    The animation of: Unity
    The story telling of: Odyssey, maybe a bit more natural with cinematic camera.
    The AI of: Origins/Odyssey
    The boss battle of: Unity+Odyssey which mean you can do stealth in boss battle like we did in final Unity boss or you can fight like warrior. the boss arena should be bigger and sometime a maze to support stealth.
    The puzzle of: Ezio trio
    The looting of: Odyssey
    The action gameplay of: black flag and AC 3 include cinematic chasing, disarm, pick up dropped weapon smoothly.
    The modern day of: Odyssey.
    The in-house of: Unty
    The driving of: Syndicate
    The world interaction of: Odyssey/Origins
    The crafting of: none of those AC have dedicate crafting system, Odyssey is the best one
    The naval of: Black flag+ Odyssey lieutenant . I think AC should end the naval now because there are already enough naval in AC.
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    Here are some ideas you can use as a basis for your list. Feel free to add more if you want!

    My ideal AC would consist of....

    -The Graphics/Art Direction of _Syndicate and Unity. Love the gritty and dark atmosphere_

    -The Combat System of _AC Brotherhood and AC3 combined with darksouls. Like with a lot nice finishers and a dodge system_

    -The Parkour of _AC Unity/Syndicate_

    -The World Design of _AC Brotherhood/Unity and Odyssey with nice tombs like from brotherhood and also detailed cities and gritty places_

    -The Modern Day and Lore of _AC1/AC2/Brotherhood/Revelations and AC3 _

    -The Composer of _Jesper Kyd_

    -The Character Writing of _Desmond/Subject 16/Ezio/Shaun and Rebecca/Edward Kenway_

    -The Storytelling of _AC2/Brotherhood/Rogue_

    -The Side Content of _AC2/Brotherhood/AC3 (Homestead)/Unity/Syndicate_

    -The Character Customization of _AC Unity/Odyssey_
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