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    Unfortunately no, AI cannot pass through invisible blockers either
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    Originally Posted by Steve64b Go to original post
    Yep, still working on the mod, in the finalizing stages atm.
    I released my editormod:


    Originally Posted by C0MMANDERC0LS0N Go to original post
    Any chance we'll see some sort of barrier that AI can traverse through but not the player? Kind of like in a Nazi zombies situation where enemies can come in but players cant get out? Would be helpful for AI spawns in single player maps
    Yes, for example you can lay a "Gate Hospital Fence Small" flat on the ground. Players will slide on it (tilt the fence slightly to control the direction), while AI won't be affected by the physics.

    My editormod even has that object rendered invisible so players won't see it, yet still slide.
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