*image by Zachspiri*

Following the release of the PvP multiplayer beta on PC last week, today we are publishing a first round of bug fixes and improvements. Some of the following fixes were already released with a hotfix on October 29th, but we are including them here for the sake of simplicity. This patch will go live today at 5pm CET / 11am EST / 8am PST.

  • The stability of the game and solved various crashes.
  • Fixed different matchmaking, HUD, scoring and playlist-related issues in the PvP multiplayer mode.
  • Fixed multiple connectivity issues and router crashes.
  • Fixed some localization issues with Season 3 reward names.
  • Fixed assets and user interface in the X Games village.
  • Fixed a behavior issue on the second pipe (X Games challenges).
  • Fixed an input conflict during the Journey.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cross challenge in the Road to the Olympics expansion.