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    Developer Update: Let's Get Cereal

    Hey everyone! It’s Toller and it’s time for this week’s developer update! Let’s get started!



    We’ve finished up our latest 24 hour event, which was Adventure, and our next Challenge mode has started! In this challenge, all Fighter cards will deal increased damage and have double health. So assemble your favorite fighter cards and march into battle. Pro-Tip: C o c ks are fighters, so be sure to pack your Chicken Coop!

    Good luck out there!

    The rewards and retry costs are also the same as in last week’s Challenge.


    It’s time to get Cereal in South Park. This weekend we’ll be having an event featuring content from the newest South Park episode. No spoilers here, so you’ll have to wait for the event to start! You can see the press release for the next episode here.

    The citizens of South Park have no idea of the danger they’re in. An all-new episode titled, “Time to Get Cereal”, airs on Wednesday, November 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

    This weekend’s event will start once everything is ready, but please be aware that due to the nature of episode to game content, there are possibilities of delays. The normal event time is Friday(~1 PM UTC) to Monday(~1 PM UTC)

    Note: During this weekend’s event, you’ll also get double PvP tickets from PvP packs (more info on why down below)


    Our Live Streams continue to entertain! Tune in this Friday at 10:15 AM PST/1:15 PM EST to hang out with ThatDarnSteve and ItsJustBuck as they answer your questions and play this weekend’s event! I’ll be there too, hanging out in chats and giving away all kinds of great prizes! We can’t wait to see you all there!


    One word: WOW!
    Our Costume Contest was packed with outstanding entries, and choosing just three winners was impossible. Thus, I have created four runner-up prizes too, because you all brought your A Game for this one. Cereal kudos to you all!

    The following New Kids have been chosen as our Halloween Runners-Up!

    CamisYoshisaur- Scarlett, the Assassin Reindeer:
    This interpretation of a North Pole Reindeer hell-bent on holiday revenge was inspired! With an inspired and original backstory and perfect accessories, it was clear that this early entry was destined for the winners circle.

    Gbear0605- Eaten by Frog Monster:
    This entry took me a moment to get, like a magic eye painting. But once you see it, you’ll understand exactly why it was chosen for a prize. This is an unbelievably creative costume. Ribbit never sounded so scary.

    PocketKaori- PocketKaori’s New Kid:
    Some clever edits and additions to existing outfit pieces, as well as one heck of a make-up job, really make this New Kid stand out from the crowd. Two toned Pigtails? Can we have that option in-game please? I’m adding it to the request list.

    Free_da_bananas- Vampire New Kid:
    What do you do when your New Kid wants to be a vampire, but there are no vampire outfit pieces in Phone Destroyer? You break out of the coloured pencils, that’s what! This-hand drawn entry is so well done, from the swept back hair, to the bloodshot eyes, all the way down to the end of his cape.

    Congrats to all of our Runners-Up! You’ll be receiving some in-game coins and cash as well as a copy of our new Witch Garrison card for your hard work!

    For our top three winners, you’ll be receiving several of our spookiest cards, in-game cash and coins, and a selection of materials in the theme of your choice. Without further ado, here are your winners:

    Third Place: yeti_21- Jack’N’Crack Time!
    Look at this tiny little trouble maker! What a perfect New Kid recreation of the one and only Randy Marsh, specifically from the episode “Sons a Witches”. He’s just a little witch now, but before you know it he’ll be out there on Sentinel Hill, causing trouble and casting spells all night long.

    Second Place: PCPanda18- Goth Vampire Gamer Chick!
    My New Kid wants to hang out with this New Kid behind the gym with the other goth kids. The attention to detail on this outfit is outstanding! That custom shirt. Those phone case stickers. Her orange bat tights and purple hair streaks! This costume has so many fun little extras involved, that I see something new to admire every time I look at it.

    “He comes from the planet Burrito-612 and goes to conquer the earth with his toxic chimichanga bombs and his ray gun that shoots guacamole and turns humans into evil giant tamales.”
    As soon as I first saw this entry, I knew it was going to be the one to beat. Not only is it a hilarious concept, the use of accessories is so smart! It really does feel like a South Park New Kid rummaged through their house and put together something wildly creative using whatever they could find. It perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween. For these reasons it is our Number One Costume for 2018!

    If you have been selected as one of the winners, keep an eye on your inbox here on the forums. I’ll be sending you a message about your prize to make sure I have the correct info on where to send it, as well as to check on which materials you would like.

    Congrats to all our winners, and thanks again to all who entered! You made this contest a true delight. I look forward to our next costume contest. Hopefully we won’t need to wait for next year.

    And speaking of the passing of time...


    What a wild ride it has been! South Park: Phone Destroyer will soon be 1 year old! We’ll be celebrating all next week, with a series of awesome 24 hour events featuring some of the new cards we released over the past year! We’ll have 24 hour events for most of next week, featuring Incan Craig, Bounty Hunter Kyle, Tweek x Craig and Blood Elf Bebe to celebrate a year of exciting growth and card releases. We’ll also have a gift, and some PvP ticket offers alongside each event, so be sure to save the tickets you earn during this weekend’s event!

    There will be an EXCLUSIVE OUTFIT ITEM for everyone to enjoy to celebrate the anniversary!

    From all of us here at RedLynx, we want to thank our AMAZING community for the continued support. Your passion for the game and your love for South Park is second to none and we greatly appreciate every one of you. We have an incredible community and we want it to keep growing! We think the best way to do that is by not only continuing our weekly streams on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, but by also making new Battle Breakdowns, organizing community tournaments (more info on this soon), and by starting our very own OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER - complete with weekly Community Challenges, weekly trivia with Legendary prizes, and various recurring contests and community events! We’re not ready to unveil it yet, but keep your eyes peeled for more details in the near future!

    That’s all the news we have for now. As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. We love hearing from our players!

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!


    Your Community Team,
    Buck🦌, Steve🚀 and Toller🐶
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    I am not trying to troll here. But let me show you what the community sees.

    First THANK goodness for Double PVP, finally its been almost half a year. But here is some real talk for ya over that Buck & Steve.

    "What a wild ride it has been! South Park: Phone Destroyer will soon be 1 year old! We’ll be celebrating all next week, with a series of awesome 24 hour events featuring some of the new cards we released over the past year! We’ll have 24 hour events for most of next week, featuring Incan Craig, Bounty Hunter Kyle, Tweek x Craig and Blood Elf Bebe to celebrate a year of exciting growth and card releases. We’ll also have a gift, and some PvP ticket offers alongside each event, so be sure to save the tickets you earn during this weekend’s event!"

    This means, you have not created anything new, nothing exciting, no new mechanics and or developed anything for us to finally sit back and go wow, RedLynx actually did something fun, new and creative. It is the same ol, Grinds, the same sh*t we've been doing for a year and complaining about not enough new content\development of new platforms. All those cards you have listed are cards we will BARELY see in any lockers\Event packs\Weekend Events, because the reward structure is garbage compared to the META of the game and the reward platform currently in the game. Getting those cards really does not move the needle for most of the player base that has been giving to you-- and continually supporting the game through spending.

    Your gift will be an outfit -- thats cool we all like outfits, like 1200 PVP tickets, and PVP offers which you basically will use the situation to possibly Milk, not give back. How does this even come close to a anniversary special and or "special event"?

    Just please try to understand, that your idea of a special event is drastically different from the community and the player base which have been vocal in their dis-stain for the history/present and future of the game and in a majority of our eyes, this is almost a slap in the face.

    Where is the new content for being a year old? Where is the new game mechanics to implement a base for future development of the game?

    Again, no news on fixing bugs.
    No News on New content such as Team vs Team
    No real "giving" back to the community for over a year of dedication. Just an outfit and not enough PVP tickets to prolly buy out a epic from shop.

    I know this all sounds so negative, but until RL can actually give something positive back to the community, why should I or anyone be positive about it? Just for an example, thanks for the double PVP ticket weekend, its only be one of the largest requested event since it first came out and its been 6 months of that.

    P.S GL on your official discord. Because you will pretty much gag\ban or kick anyone who speaks badly about RL\Ubisoft, I can see it now "when will this bug get fixed?" -- Ban -- Or same PC response "well have more information on that ... never" hahaha or a classic "Do you like the handlebar mustache or a more classic Fu Manchu?" Ban Perm Banned. Toller if you are gonna be the Mod of the "official" discord server. May the lord have mercy on your soul, and I wish you the best of luck.

    The Fight Goes on!
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    Thank you guys so much!!! :)

    I just wanted to say thank you guys so much!! I really appreciate all of you and the sweet loot!!
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    Is there a particular new event style you would like to see in the future, Hersh? We're always happy to take suggestions. Was there something in particular you thought might be created for the anniversary that you were hoping for?

    We'll all have mod powers on the Discord, not just me. I'd be run off my feet if I was the only one keeping an eye out! People with criticism of the game wouldn't be banned just for disagreeing with us. So long as everyone is respectful and follows the rules, I'm quite looking forward to it!
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    Originally Posted by PCPanda18 Go to original post
    I just wanted to say thank you guys so much!! I really appreciate all of you and the sweet loot!!
    You're certainly welcome, and thanks a bunch! That's sweet of you to say. Hey, congrats on the Halloween contest win!
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    New Event Style? I mean sure Let me toss a few ideas. Thanks for you asking, and i know im just wasting keystrokes because they wont get implemented but do appreciate you responding. Please get Buck\Steve\RL to answer the bugs questions too please in the separate post. That is literally the BIGGEST ISSUE in the game are the BUGS outside of RL promoting De-ranking.

    Team vs Team battles, which hasn't even started beta yet which is sad and seems like that is further off into the February\March time frame now. But that would be #1

    A different PVP battle Mode where you fight someone for rewards (Not just pack phones destroyed or a locker that really does not give you crap unless your lucky for 600 PVP tickets or a leg\epic) but maybe a winner gets "x" amount of choice between different mats or card amounts.

    Raid Mode Special Solo event vs PVE for anniversary (or just in general) -- also using your team members help vs PVE elements. Even if its a 2v2 vs PVE.

    Accomplishing a In game mission that would give you your choice of card (1 copy of leg, 5 copies Epic, 20 Copies Rare, 50 Copies common etc...) This mission could be "Beat an opponent who is x - amount of ranks above you" or something creative using your team and or the regular pvp ladder

    Adding new Missions to the game that could be accomplished during an anniversary period to give away mats, coins, pvp tickets, cards etc.

    - Example Beating GWC final level "x" amount of times on 15\15 --- whatever is the choice.

    - Reward 1000 PVP tickets (etc)

    (When was the last time a new Mission was added btw? Cant remember 1 in a full year.)

    Team Tournament with a in-game GUI that allows team members to sign up and participate in a tournament mode. Rewards given for top 3 winners.

    Could always surprise us with compensation for the Common Nerf -- and disguise it as a "anniversary special"

    Also you can check the countless number of posts or suggestions we've given over time as well, so many good ideas there.

    There are many things I could come up with, but I am going to stop there. Main reason why is because nothing will become of it, no suggestions will be implemented, and if they were to be, it damn well sure wont be before the anniversary. I know you will say "great ideas and you will pass them onto the team" but dont feel like wasting your keystrokes or breath unless its straight to the community\development manager... going thru buck or Steve seems not to really get anything done. Always got love for the toller tho, keep up doing a good job toller!
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    Originally Posted by Armageddon08 Go to original post

    i don't know if it's becoming a trend but I lost 2 old members this week because they finally got tired of the game .

    Originally Posted by Ubi-Toller Go to original post
    Is there a particular new event style you would like to see in the future
    That question wasn't directed to me but I can give my answer to it. The way I see it and what I've heard from people over the first year of SPPD is that the event modes are more tedious than fun because you either have to use cards that most players don't have them upgraded, or you have to collect a high amount of items (scoots, etc) while there is no guarante that you will obtain at least some of those special items after you had either a win, a loss maybe, or even worse a tie. All of this combined with a flawed matchmaking and large pool of unusuable cards in the meta, make a recipe for disaster and frustration.

    You could easily apply a hotfix, and it's been suggested before by numerous posts in the forum but we haven't seen any minuscule implementation of them. I think the game wouldn't incurr in a loss just because you could set a guaranted amount of 'event tokens' every battle regardless of win,loss or draw. Guarantee some points after each battle (even if minimal) after each win, loss or draw. You can make the events less tedious like that, just adjust your math to your liking but many people can get frustrated over that because they have to get 'Indianaed' (like a member of my team says) just to be able to get some points. I can manage events, but I know many people don't have fun with them, and now we are having a whole week of them :P, it will be quite the chore for some people guys, maybe not the best way to celebrate a year of the game, but I can see how you thought it'd be fun.

    Lastly congratulations to all the winners, those are some creative costumes there, my costume of the ghost of human kindness didn't stand a chance against those hehe.
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    Hey Hershal, I like your ideas, they are similar to the task lists I have been pleading for to replace donations.

    One other idea for a team event is a horde mode challenge where waves of head hunters and assassins come into the right side of the screen to attack your towers, (it's essentially a tower defense mode).
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    This must be Mini?
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