Hi everyone,

It has been just over one week from the start of the PvP multiplayer mode beta on PC. As promised, we want to keep you updated on its progress and today we are going to share some new information.

The beta is going well, we have seen a lot of you trying the new mode and enjoying it. At the same time we are keeping track of what you have suggested and what you would like to see improved.

In the immediate future we are working on:

  • Fixing some minor bugs to improve the general stability of the experience.
  • Improving our backend tools to manage in a more efficient way all the different playlists.
  • Planning to create more playlists, to keep providing new flavors and themes.
    • From now on, every Thursday, we’ll put in place a rotation of the 3 available playlists to offer you something new. Next week we plan to add a playlist focusing on air disciplines.

Also, we are constantly pushing to bring this PvP mode on consoles. We’ll let you know when this will happen as soon as everything will be ready.

Don’t forget to keep sharing your feedback about this mode and on which kind of playlists you would like to play in the future. Your input is fundamental!

See you on the slopes,
The Steep Team