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    Maintenance - November 8th, 2018 [COMPLETE]

    Greetings Agents,

    The servers will shut down for weekly maintenance on Thursday, November 8th at 09:30 AM CET / 03:30 AM EST / 12:30 AM PST. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours.

    Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses.

    Thank you,
    The Division Team
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    You sure the best thing to do, is release the new shield and close the servers down? Next time do it reversed....
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    Always when the Americans are asleep but the Europeans are awake Why not start at midnight US time? Give the kids an early night...
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    When will Melbourne Australia be able to play to ight?
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    Approximately at 10:30 PM
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    Maybe it would be better to send some cleaners to the Ubi server room, maybe itself Ferro to make it CLEAN and UPDATED DD
    It is so laggy, and getting tons of Delta for a long time, cleaners could not make it worse than the present condition...

    I can imagine that the cleaners go in the server room, they look around, and Ferro states: "OK guys, we can go, somebody were here before us and the job is done, no more cleaning!"

    Let the last switch the light off...
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