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    Ideas for what the next Assassin's Creed game should be

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    i think it should shed some light on Australia. A good setting would be the first fleet, when the main protagonist is a native indigenous Australia.
    Or it could be one about the gold rush in ballarat
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    Post Roman//Pre Saxon Wales & Scotland - Arthur & the holy grail

    This would be an interesting moment in time. Some light could be shed on the myth or Arthur which is said to have originated in this time period.
    A lot of focus could be towards the celtic belief system and their use of magic and alchemy. (Without actually delving into the fantasy too much though)
    It would tie in with the belief of the Holy Grail which is said to have originated in a re-telling of the story of Arthur with his round table. But glossing over the re-imaginations of the arthurian myth we could possibly have a look at the truth behind the stories. E.g the fact that Arthur was most likely not a king but one of Britons most revered warriors when the saxon and viking invasions were occurring. I'd love to see what Ubisoft could create around this story.
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    I say the later years of the American Civil War into the early Reconstruction Era. At first, focus on the the Assassin's contribution to the Union's intelligence network. While in the service to the Union, they discover the Knights of the Golden Circle, a branch of the Templars, with suspected members being John Wilkes Booth and Jesse James! Work into the story the assassination of President Lincoln by Booth and of Jesse James by John Ford. Use the legend of gold stolen by James and hidden across the South as a link to finding artifacts that lead to another repository called El Dorado, an Isu city hidden away just like Atlantis.
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    And maybe have him recruited by an Assassin who's in the fleet tracking templars looking for Isu artifacts held by the Aborigines?
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    I would like to see them, if the next game is to be the last game (not sure) to combine all previous in game mechanics. Everything from how we were able to rebuild towns in AC2-Revelations, the merchant system and hunting in AC3 and Black Flag, the phone app link with Black Flag and Unity, Ocean Exploration and navigation from Black Flag and Rogue, and all other cool stuff each offers while keeping all the new stuff the last two have given us. If not, oh well, I still love the games. I would love to play one massive, fully detailed, full of random side stuff which is relevant, and enjoy months of playing. I cant wait to see whats next.
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    Originally Posted by toppersaw Go to original post
    And maybe have him recruited by an Assassin who's in the fleet tracking templars looking for Isu artifacts held by the Aborigines?
    That's an actual great idea for an AC setting!

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    Consider creating forthcoming games to be like ASSASSIN'S CREED UNITY

    The graphics -(enivironment, Peds and everything), the combat physics and mechanics , and the parkour everything was perfect in Assassin's creed UNITY. Only the blood effects, injuries and physical damages need to be more realistic ( none of the Ubisoft games have these realistic effect , including the latest releases like ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY, FAR CRY NEW DAWN, TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON WILDLANDS). After Assassin's creed UNITY no other game has cherished the title ASSASSIN'S CREED the right way. So please develop a game like Assassin's creed UNITY making some tweets to blood effect and gore and making damages more realistic. If this is done, Assassin's creed will overthrow the anticipation for rdr2 to pc port.
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    What about the time of the Great Depression. Make it have like a dark tone to it. I wanna see an assassin creed more personal, bring the cámara closer to the character, give us hope and then take it away. Let us be really assassins, unity had great movements bring it back please.
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    Assassin's Creed Ronin

    Assassin's Creed : Ronin

    So the Setting, Ancient Japan!

    Story, usual Animus Trace of some artifact that leads to ancient Japan and a time of the Warring Clans the Mountain Ninja and the Breakaway Ronin! the Assassinations, Espionage, Blackmail were rife at that time, there was vast and functional shipping and trade so that would carry over too, so could be sailing a "Asian Junk" for your ship?
    Also the metallurgy of sword and weapon crafting was at the master level could be an interesting theme to visit sword-smiths for shaping, edging, modding your Katana for insstance, or you just ran out of throwing stars, and special arrows (also used in the art of Japanese War) Horses too were a big part of distant and mountain travel, But Deep Down what i REALLY REALLY WANT is a KungFu/MartialArts Sneaky Stealthy Ninja CREED .....i mean seriously ,, HOW SICK WOULD IT BE! (and yes you can call it RONIN i dont need royalties..lol)
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