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    Nah bro NZ

    Hi I think that aussie is a great idea but what about New Zealand it has some pretty cool history and the protagonist could be maori (native) the time period could be waitangi day and when james cook found New Zealand
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    the sword of king athur could be the sword of eden
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    Being a ninja or samurai would be awesome. You can get creative with this idea. Can be stealth in certain situations and full on combat in other situations. I need a ninja samurai game.
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    Assassin's creed setting

    Hello Ubisoft, i would like the next assassin's creed game to be set in 16th century Central America. Set during the Spanish conquest of the Yucatan peninsula, about the Spanish spreading the templar and assassin order to the Mayan and Aztec cvilization. Player can explore ancient abandoned mayan ruins and also sprawling aztec city like Tenochtitlan and also collapsed civilizations like Zapotec, Olmec, Mixtec, Huaxtec and more. I hope that Ubisoft would kindly consider this an idea for the next assassin's creed game
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