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    Will a sequel to origins or a Japanese ninja setting would be nice I just hope that Ubisoft can ditch the fantasy elements in future installments. I play these games for the historical stories not the magic and monsters. I have other games for that.
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    I was thinking about a Japanese Samurai age assasins creed. I played the game Ghost of tsushima and it is really great only sad thing is that they didnt really ad the japanese lore. I really would love to see a Assasins creed game take place in a Samurai/ japanese age because 1 the buildings are really nice and close to eachother so it could be really fun to be running around the roof tops. The weapons can be really fun aswell because we could like play with katanas, spears, bows and some more nice Samurai weapons. Maybe they coukd even ad the option to like forge your owne katana and like custumize it with letters or even other stuf. And finaly if they would at some really lovely Japanese lore like the kitsune it would be lovely to see that. Like we could get some nice looking armor or mask like the kitsune mask or a oni mask. Plus it woukd be lovely to see that we could choose between a male and a female japanese character that you could also customize. (i also think that people would love this because tbh Japanese women ate really beautifull.) i really hope that this would become true because i am really waiting to see a assasins creed game in and with the Japanese mithology. I hope some people agree with me and think that this is also a great idea. And if there will be a collectors edition we could ad like a cloth map and some Japanese Yen and like a really lovely statue. If other people have sole ideas please leave a comment on this and if you love this idea please share it or ad a comment with the japanese themed assasins creed. Sorry for the bad english but i am from belgium so my english isnt really that great and also sorry for the big message but i really wanted to share my thoughts with ubi for a new assasins creed game. (Ubisoft if you read this and are maybe planning on using this idea please hit me up on odin0502@gmail.com and maybe you could ad my name in the end scene.) Thank you for your time and i hope this idea will become reality
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    Future Assassin's Creed Game Suggestion

    Ok, so I got to thinking, they don't have an Assassin's Creed game for South America, hey why doesn't Ubisoft do something similar with Odyssey, but instead build the plot around the Aztecs or the Mayans, though it might have been central America that they were located. Another idea I had for a future Assassin's Creed game is for one taking place during world war one and world war two or even the great depression. The main character in the second suggestion could be doing things for both sides like in Odyssey, I also plan to buy odyssey to play after I. Save the money. Saw it on YouTube and I was at first a. Strong dislike for the game, however, I love Greek anything games food stories and most of all Ancient Greek Mythology, so when I saw it I gave the others a chance but as. My liking for ancient Greece, Odyssey is my favorite. Hope you see this suggestion Ubisoft! I think personally they are some great ideas, though I myself enjoy computer programming and plan to do that as a profession when I get well after highschool I plan to major in coding and related courses for my major and buisness as a minor. Maybe I will work with you one day. I am the top of my class for computer science and the youngest for. My highschool top of all classes, so it goes well with my passion. But I think I have rambled to much, so take heed and consideration of my ideas and suggestions, Thanks, Gamer Arceus. Hope. Is seen by UbiSnout
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    Originally Posted by Wafaayouniss Go to original post
    Assassin’s creed was originally part one and two when there was a clear story line with a very rich events and ideas part one needs to be remade again this part could have much more details and longer story line “ al tair ibn la ahad “ story should have new remastered game with more details in the main story his story and ezio auditory were the richest in all assassin’s creed games no other part to be compared to them from the story to the sound tracks to the deep effect the story leaves in your mind and heart these two parts only were true assassin’s creed otherwise all parts are same just changing names of people and places and some scenes that is all
    I totally agree with your idea and I think this should be reviewed by Ubisoft and follower, thank you
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    AC unity

    My toughts are on a AC on japan or china, somewhere you can feel like an assassin. I feel like unity was the best game that made you feel like a assassin. It was fluent, you killed your target and kept going sometimes without stopping the flow of you run like an assassin should be. Quick and quietly, with the tools at you need. AC unity for me had it all a AC game should have.
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