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    As others say, the problem is Mouse and Keyboard and how it can be unfair for the players to fight against people with better/worse input devices to the extent that controller vs M&KB presents. I am for cross play happening as long as M&KB players NEVER play against controllers in ANY public mode (except customs, that is okay - but the game should detect what input device the player is using including a patch to detect things like XIM emulators).
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    Originally Posted by AirborneViperGN Go to original post
    it is not a good idea.

    xbox officially support keyboard and mouse but devs need to add m& k profile in the game. xbox has only one problem for a fair fight. many Xbox and ps4 players use an m&k adapter to play with the better aim accuracy. if UBI add m&k profile in xbox game then other players can buy keyboard and mouse and play with equal input device

    BUT PC

    PC is much worse in the fair fight

    too many hackers cheaters. no recoil, aimbot, esp and many other cheats which still unknown. window version gamer cannot get a fair fight in my life. if you put console player against pc player and pc player will use cheat to win then it will worse for console player. so leave croos platform.

    there are many games officially support m&k on Xbox if Ubi adds m&k support in their games then I will move to Xbox permanently. because I can't beat a cheater but I can beat an m&k adapter player with skill and strategy.
    You clearly never even played on ox before you just accused a large portion of the player base to all be hackers and cheaters Iíve been playing r6 for a year now on pc and Iíve only came across 1 cheater... I clearly see that you didnít play on pc your just watching crappy YouTube vids about cheaters getting banned on pc they set up hackers just to get views Iíve never actually came across a game breaking hacker before.
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