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    Cross Platform in R6

    I play Xbox and my friend plays PC, and we would really like to play with each other. Please Ubi add cross platform in Rainbow Six Siege. It would help the game compete with others like Fortnite, Black Ops 4 and Rocket League.
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    I don't see it happening, but there is Gears of War.
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    I'd be for this only if the cross platform from console to PC is its own separate casual option. And if they were to do that then I'd like it if they tossed in Cross-platform from PS4 to XBone for both casual and competitive. Since the PC - console cross platform casual option would divide the playerbase to a degree (Ironically) and pooling both consoles together for casual and Competitive is only going to benefit both console que times especially for higher ranked competitive.

    I guess you could have the option for Console players to join Competitive+Casual PC servers but at their own risk since they're joining players that are using M&K so they'd just be treated the same as a PC player using a game pad. PC players may complain about this since a Console player on their team (especially in competitive) will be a hindrance to them because of the game pad. But honestly it wouldn't be any different than a PC player that decided to use a game pad.

    Though I guess UBI could enable M&K support on consoles for this specific mode when it comes to crossing with PC players? Then it's open season.
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    this would be a great time with xbox getting M&K support

    just add setting for players to choose in Casual play maybe like a mixed play setting also controllers only and M&K only

    i think more options are always welcome
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    Cross Platform

    Cross platform needs to be added, and yes I have heard about the tests with console and pc how pc crushed console. But what should be done is just add an option to turn it on or off. You could also just have it so if someone in your party is cross platform play against cross platform only then. This would help the game sell with more friends being able to play together and also getting more people to get back on the servers!!
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    This can't happen since console would have to rely heavily on an aimbot since they only have a thumb to use and in a game where headshots really matter, that won't be happening. Even if you plug a controller in on PC there is no aimbot and you'll get destroyed by our ranked players.If you want to play with friends just get the same console as them or all play on PC. And if there is a setting for cross platform no PC people would wanna have Console players on their team and lets be honest with matchmaking you would be put with them anyways.
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    No one on PC uses a gamepad, there is no help when you aim so no one uses it, and when you go into Casual or Competetive you get destroyed.
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    Well if you want to get smashed every time you use a controller then go right ahead. I think they would be stupid to do this
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    it would be so easy to destroy kids on xbox locked at 30 fps 60hz refresh rate
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    it is not a good idea.

    xbox officially support keyboard and mouse but devs need to add m& k profile in the game. xbox has only one problem for a fair fight. many Xbox and ps4 players use an m&k adapter to play with the better aim accuracy. if UBI add m&k profile in xbox game then other players can buy keyboard and mouse and play with equal input device

    BUT PC

    PC is much worse in the fair fight

    too many hackers cheaters. no recoil, aimbot, esp and many other cheats which still unknown. window version gamer cannot get a fair fight in my life. if you put console player against pc player and pc player will use cheat to win then it will worse for console player. so leave croos platform.

    there are many games officially support m&k on Xbox if Ubi adds m&k support in their games then I will move to Xbox permanently. because I can't beat a cheater but I can beat an m&k adapter player with skill and strategy.
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