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    balista griefing...after all this time!

    i cant stand it anymore ,
    im playing breach vs ai and one of my teamates kill our entire team by spamming the balista when i'm 3 v1 , 2 v1 .
    the balista was always garbage,remove friendly fire please...i cant believe im asking for that . what a bunch of losers for running other peoples fun.
    get out of here.
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    I agree. Simple as that. And if you dislike removing friendly fire, the at least reduced it.
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    Why not make it FF when its an AI match?. AI tends to be moreso for ppl who are playing more casual anyways. When its a PvP match then of course make FF actually hurt. Just an idea.
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    wait you can kill your team with the balista!?
    THX man now I can kill my teammates that let's enemies run away with 10hp and gank me
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