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    HLC's 6/11/2019 - 11/11/2019

    Stones & Roses.....301 Widowmaker 301 easy track
    HH18 SCARYTOWN PowderMonkey74 medium track
    HH18 Hot Hops n Horror TrialzZSpuddazZ
    medium track
    Wooden rabbit FusionShared (killthewicked ps4) hard track
    [UKR] Winter Is Coming (panda)
    oi PhenOniX oi hard track

    Optional Extreme
    Rystical E.O FusionShared

    Just found out ozybe has put a track out
    Sunstroke medium track

    All tracks picked by gerble72 and littlemo12

    Have fun everyone
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    bigbow62's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2014
    Thank you from the gang ❤

    Please try.....

    Dripstone .... by.... Cham Man ! ( med )
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    Rudemod 69's Avatar Senior Member
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    Derbyshire, England.
    Thanks for the picks, Mo and Gerb.
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