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    Arcade weekly quest-help

    Please, someone tell me how I can kill those shaman&friends with an assassin character. The gear rank of my gladiator is just slightly lower than the recommended one but I can' t figure out how beat the bots. If I want fight with low level gear heroes, is coop the only good option to complete the quest?
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    1. you have to play with a hero that has a side dash heavy.
    2. you cannot have gear even 1 point below recommended
    3. Try 50+ times like me and realize its not going to happen.

    sorry im jaded right now
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    best to find someone to help in Co-op.

    Any character works

    round 1. Kill the shaman, minions shouldn't be an issue here.

    round 2. Shaman "must" die first, then gladiator.

    round 3. Clear the minions on the right side and ledge the Shamans and the Kensei.

    round 4. focus on the Mother shaman, get her to low health then focus the other 2 and try to kill them all within seconds of each other.

    good luck.
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