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View Poll Results: Would you like to enable Chi stance without necessarily punching?

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    !!! Shaolin Chi Stance Change !!!

    Ok, a really short and strong point, if agreed please put this forward so that devs can hear this out. In my opinion, Chi stance should be used with "C'' button like Aramusa block, or any other shield stance, as punching a thin air from afar, makes for your opponent predictable what your next move is going to ve, as well as *landing* a hit makes it crucible but if it gets blocked, no stance for you. I think completely removing this function would cause problems for some players but adding an external applicable that enables this stance would really help. ALSO why dodging is impossible? He stands in a stance, his legs are not burrowed into the ground, it requires you literally to undo, +1-2 sec animation and then enables you to dodge. It's really dumb and community, if you agree or have any better suggestions, please respond.
    Thank you for your attention
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    I think it would likely be too strong if you removed these limitations.
    I could be wrong, but I don't think Shaolin needs a buff, and that's what you would end up doing if you made his Qi stance more flexible and more responsive.
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