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    The Show Must Go On: What Choices did you make?

    I'm curious, what choices did you make, and what were the outcomes?

    I picked up the low quality wine. I thought I could grab both, so I went for the closest one first. Turns out you can only grab one.

    I sent the soldier, instead of the actor, to the theatre.

    I picked the Hedonist who appeared to know what he was talking about as far as more advance theatre goes: not the one who talked about using an onion to produce tears.

    I chose to destroy the poisoned food vs going after the witch.

    I chose to tell the true story. The soldier was a crummy actor, the hedonist wasn't very good, and the third actor was quite good (poison food/witch conundrum). The "poor" crowd liked the show, and I was paid around 1000 drachmae.

    I don't know if there is any fallout from not going after the witch, or for the choice I made when I didn't free the actor who had been enslaved by the soldier.

    Overall, things were quite humorous and I got paid. I think it went okay.

    What were your choices, and how did it turn out?
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    I chose to get the expensive wine, I don't remember how much drachmae I was paid but I think it was more than 1000.

    The soldier was an ******* so I killed him.

    I picked the hedonist with the weird accent, he seemed like better one of the only 2 actors there.

    I killed the Witch, figured it saves more lives overall longterm, no one in the quest itself was poisoned or sick so not sure what that choice is supposed to do.

    I said the real lines instead of the made up ones, Hades if I'm gonna quote my badass gramps wrong.
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    Almost famous

    I brought the good wine.

    Did the task for the general, to bring the actor.

    Killed the witch

    Picked the Hedone that talked about onions ( not a good choice)

    I changed the lines in the play.

    I received a dagger and 970 dracmea.
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    Got the quality wine.
    Got the sword for the soldier, kept it and then killed him so sent the actor and told hm to man up.
    Stopped the poison from reaching the town.
    Picked the man who talked about using onions to cry.
    Changed the lines in the play to reflect what actually happened.

    Play went well.
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    I picked up the low quality wine. I also thought I could grab both so I went for the closest one first.

    Sent the soldier instead of the actor.

    Picked the hedone who wanted to continue his enlightenment (not the onion hedone) but got convinced to act when I told him he could spread the one of Hedonism on stage.

    Killed the witch.

    Changed the lines in the play. One person in the crowd gave the thumbs down (if they got the history right, that's a sign they liked it; if they got that hand signal meaning wrong, I guess they didn't like my changed line).

    Video of the play with Kassandra in the Amazon set and the script writer's reaction afterwards
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    It's always interesting to see the routes that different players take and the outcomes associated with your choices. This particular quest was definitely an interesting one!
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    It's been so long that I don't remember all the choices I made, but I really liked how this quest really felt like your choices mattered, and it was great seeing everything come together in the end.

    Probably the highlight of the Tales of Ancient Greece, for me (though I still need to play the Sokrates one).
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