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    Important voice lines request

    Dear buddehs, I have a very important request for you, I've completed all the PvE levels and one of the reasons I would run to PvE everytime a new card was released was to attempt to hear their hidden voice lines. Why in PvE? because this is the only place where you can hear them. Maybe some of the community managers are not even aware these exist, or Am I wrong? at least that's my impression since I've asked about them since the very first stream you've had and never got an answer (not complaining, just telling my story). Well, they exist guys! and they are awesome, Now that I've completed the levels I don't get the chance to hear those lines again (just like with playing in the old arenas ;P).

    You've recently updated some of the lines for some of the characters, why not make the hidden voice lines available for PvP once and for all, that would make me even want to play some of those cards even if I never normally use them, just to hear them say those lines, like Nathan saying "would you like to see my d*ck?" (voice line taken from this part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM9HDgGrajI) and even kenny has hidden voice lines but you probably don't know what he's saying (Neither do I). There are of course more characters with hidden lines, please make this content available in PvP, thank you.
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    Hey, I don't know if it was intentional but I could hear a few of the hidden voice lines with the new battlefields. I don't know if all of the hidden voice lines are there or if it was intentional but thank you for this.
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