Greetings everyone,

Starting today, we will be performing a first pass of leaderboard cleaning for The Crew 2 on all platforms.

Following progressive bug & exploit fixes since launch, a first list of illegitimate scores has been identified and removed on the following events:

  • [Drag Race] Santa Monica
  • [Drag Race] South Beach
  • [Aerobatics] Push it to the limit (PS4)

This is just a first step, and these initial passes on each leaderboard will take longer given the accumulated scores since launch. Cleaning will then remain an ongoing priority moving forward, but it is important to note that this process is complex as each individual leaderboard must be carefully reviewed, given that score deletion is irreversible.

Please note that while removed scores will disappear from the top 100 leaderboards, we identified the following remaining issues that are already being worked on:

  • If an illegitimate score was performed by yourself or one of your friends, it will remain visible in your Friends leaderboard (but NOT the Top 100).
  • World records on Event tickets may not update properly at this stage.

This first clean should only involve scores affected by either bugs or deliberate ill-intent. This being said, if you identify any inconsistencies or legitimate scores disappearing, please let us know.

Thank you for support.