1. #111

    daily challenge is not available on ps3 dic version (eu)

    hello, i play the european disc version of this game on ps3. the weekly challenges are available, but there are no daily challenges in the shadownet- menu. can anyone help to fix this problem?
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  2. #112
    Unfortunately the daily challenges to not appear. Can someone take a look at problem please?
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  3. #113
    any update
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  4. #114

    splintercell blacklist challenges

    the challenges are still not popping up! is there going to be a fix ??
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  5. #115

    Blacklist challenges

    Let's report ubisoft to the bbb then since they won't listen to the consumers.
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  6. #116

    Daily and weekly challenges

    Please bring them back
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  7. #117

    Daily and Weekly challenges necessary for 2 achievements

    The Daily and Weekly challenges have been missing since October of last year (2020)
    Without the challenges two achievements are unobtainable.

    There are many, many gamers that need the challenges for completion.

    When are these challenges returning?
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  8. #118

    Open a ticket also.

    Contact Ubisoft and open a ticket.

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