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    Original Rainbow Six w10 fix

    here's a video of me doing these steps from a fresh install using the GoG version

    Fullscreen mode
    1. download dgVoodoo
    2. extract somewhere
    3. launch dgVoodoo and press the Add button on the right of config folder and point it to the R6 folder
    4. General tab: appearance fullscreen,scaling mode stretched,keep aspect ratio
    5. DirectX tab: videocard dgVoodoo 3D, vram 1024
    6. press Apply
    7. go to dgVoodoo folder and open MS folder and copy the 3 files D3D8,D3Dlmm,DDraw.dll and put them in the folder where rainbowsix.exe is
    8. go to the registry and find r6 mine was located under
      HKEY_USERS Software\Classes\VirtualStore\Machine\SOFTWARE\Wow 6432Node\Red Storm Entertainment\Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
    9. Fullscreen TRUE
    10. VideoResolution 1920x1080
    11. change MouseRadiansPerPixel to 0.002727 or lower

    stretched, keep aspect ratio works better and I failed to mention it in the video I'm sorry
    If your mouse has a dpi option set it to the lowest

    I would also suggest capping the games framerate to 60 or 30 by whatever means. I use nvidia Inspector for mine. if you don't the AI both enemy and friendly will often run in circles or walls
    2-Sync and refresh
    frame rate limiter 61.8
    Rainbow Six 1998 uses the Rainbow Six Siege profile in nvida Inspector so if you play the new game you will get conflicts

    Windowed mode
    1. follow the above up to the registry step but change
    2. Fullscreen to FALSE
    3. VideoResolution 1600x900
    4. do not use your max resolution for this if it goes out of bounds it will crash

    the menu part of the game will still be small but once you load into a map it will change to the desired resolution

    the only compatibility setting enabled is 16 bit colour

    I really hope this works for you, if not tell me what the error says in the Sherman.log file located in the folder with rainbowsix.exe
    If you need help you can find me in the rogue spear lobby on voobly most of the time
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    I cannot get it to work right. It ends up coming out showing the menus either entirely in black and white or sometimes with a hideous blue color, kind of like really, really old PC games.
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    Thanks for posting this. Join us on the Discord my dude. CLASSIC R6 lives!

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