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    New Update - THE HALLOWEEN HUNT!

    Howdy y’all!

    Get ready for some Tricks & Treats!
    Count Dracuul has come to the Frontier with an invitation for his grand Halloween Party!

    What’s it about? – Collect all of Dracuul’s lost Halloween pumpkins, and win 6 new tracks in the Frontier!

    Note – The HALLOWEEN HUNT starts on 24th October, 2018 at 11:30AM GMT.

    Introducing Count Dracuul…

    The lord of Darkness is all set to throw the grandest Halloween party, but there’s a situation!
    While preparing for the big feast, Count Dracuul lost some of the pumpkins as they managed to flee his Castle.

    The celebrations cannot begin without these pumpkins, so what you’ve gotta do is find all of them and in return you’ll get 6 brand-new tracks!

    How do I collect pumpkins?

    You are given 5 tracks every few hours to hunt for pumpkins, and one of those tracks is guaranteed to have a hidden pumpkin on it.

    You are rewarded with track pieces for brand-new tracks after finding a certain number of pumpkins, over the course of the event!

    Pumpkins can be collected even after you crash and some of them are in extremely crafty locations. Keep your eyes peeled to avoid missing out!

    Additionally, you may get bonus pumpkins on the Loot Wheel immediately after collecting pumpkins on the tracks and they’ll be added to your stockpile!

    More pumpkins equal more track pieces, so get huntin’!

    Pssst … Get a Hint!

    In case you're having a hard time finding pumpkins on these tracks, you can purchase hints (for 15 gems each), which reveal tracks that definitely do not contain any pumpkins.

    You may purchase up to 4 hints per hunt.

    It doesn’t get any easier than this!

    The Pumpkin Leaderboard

    Check out how many pumpkins have been collected by the Riders in the Frontier on the Pumpkin Leaderboard!
    You’ll be able to see your rank on the Pumpkin Leaderboard, and the top 5% of the riders will get ‘Domino Dash’ – a challenging new track!

    The Rewards!

    - 5 New Tracks!
    - 2 Classic Outfits – Pumpkin King, Headhunter
    - 2 Classic paintjobs – Bronco ‘Kaleidoscope’ Paintjob, Mantis ‘Mithril’ Paintjob
    - 1 Exclusive track for the Top 5% in the overall event

    What else is new?

    - The monstrous new ‘Nutjob Frank’ outfit!

    - The brand new ‘Dark Magic’ Paintjob for Berserker!

    Get Ready to get those pumpkins and get to the party!
    For any questions or feedback about this update, do let us know as a response to this thread.
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    Thanx Captain! Great news!
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    If this event started on 24 Oct at 11:30,then why is it 20:15 on 24 Oct and I have no sign of it. Am I missing out on collecting pumpkins
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    Hey Kwizee, you'll need to download the latest version of the game from the official store for your phone!
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    When the event ends?
    how much time we have to collect 360 pumpkins?
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    Seems like my countdown timer is on the fritz. Anyone else having issues with the countdown timer for new tracks?
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    Yes. my timer is at 14 hours.. And the pumpkin on The Waterwheel is impossible to obtain
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    I'm having issues with the countdown timer too. Mine just ended its 5 hour count and then started another 5 hour count.
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    Cheers captain, didn't have an upgrade available at the time. Got it now and have started my quest
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    No pumpkin

    It says theres one in the tanktops and its nowhere to be found..
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