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    Rowdy roofing

    How the f u can get pumpking under that falling bridge coz cant get speed by going backward
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    Originally Posted by kamilus26 Go to original post
    Any hint how to get it? I tried with few different bikes and even with smaller outfit, but still with no success.
    I have used the donkey bike for this as it is more twitchy. I agree this is difficult as you have to reverse wheelie for this. Got this after a couple of attempts. You will have to keep trying. I believe the outfit doesn't matter as long as it is a slim one, unlike the Squirrel outfit.
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    Got it once by going forward past the bridge, and falling on the rotating wheel, which throws your back under the bridge..
    Only got it once like this though, after trying 100+ times by just reversing.
    A painful one..
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    Originally Posted by aghate22 Go to original post
    Another difficult one is on the Broken Skull track. Its past the midway on the track. The way I get it is by dangling the bike on its rear wheel at the ledge and then fall down doing a front flip. I must admit some pumpkins are hard to get. I have had another one at the beginning of the track(can't recall which track). You have to reverse at the beginning of the track to get it.
    I'm stuck getting the Broken Skull pumpkin. Even when I manage to flip and get close to it, I seem to bounce off a box near the pumpkin. Any other hints on how to get it? Thanks.
    EDIT: Finally got it after many tries on the AppleTV. I was trying earlier on the iPad where the box was interfering making it seemingly impossible.
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    So far I have managed to avoid the pumpkin on infected cavern. But now, on the final day, it's there. Gone to the 10 minute timer three times now. Just can't do it. Nightmare
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    Several attempts later, SUCCESS. Why was this track included in the hunt
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