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    Looking for skilled warden and lawbringer.

    I am looking for people who are very good at warden or lawbringer. I play lawbringer in ranks and I struggle to win vs any warden regardless of rank. If there are great lawbringers I would like to learn more tips n tricks with combos. Thanks - Orcrid
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    If you play on PS4 message my pal Hatredqt tell him Sab said he could help you get better. I told him the character suited him he hardly loses since.
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    Countering wardens Is fairly simple: stay Sharp, be either fast OR unexpected with attacks, NEVER trhow an obvius Attack. You know the "Adapt, overcome" meme? Do pretty much that.
    Also: warden mains are very methodical and changes strategy only if forced to. If you see a warden do the same combo 2 times, he Will do It again.
    Example: the warden does a shoulder bash, shoulder bash and Charges the last One. That's a fairly common strategy. If you can, After the First fight, try to remember what he did.
    Oh also: warden zone might come at ANY Moment. Be prepered and stay ready to switch to the side Guard. One last thing: For the love of God, DON'T try to Dodge the unblokable top heavy, and parry ONLY when you see It actually Is the right Moment, since its very unlikely they Will let It fly. Oh and Don't use slow top attacks. It Will Grant the warden the beauty of TWO light attacks for free.

    ..Wait, i said this Is "simple"? And then wrote all of this??
    Yes. Yes i did

    And this Is the Easy part
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