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    Starlink: Battle for Lylat - potential sequel idea

    It may be a bit early early to talk about a sequel but given that the response to Starfox's integration into the game as well as calls across the board to give Ubisoft a crack at a Starfox game and Nintenolife reporting that 82% of UK sales have been on Switch I'd suggest that it's worth doubling down on this and considering making any potential sequel a full Star Fox experience with the Starlink crew joining Fox and Co to retake the Lylat system. Use that Battle for Atlas as the template and build on that.
    Ubisoft have shown that they are more than capable of handling Nintendo IP with both Starlink and Mario and Rabbids doing far better critically than they have any right to. Speaking to friends who have picked up Starlink everyone agrees that this is the best (non) Star Fox game to have come out since Star Fox 64. I also think that the collectable toy aspect generally is more appealing to Nintendo gamers. I don't know anyone who has even considered getting this for any other platform despite knowing more PS4 players than Switch players. The potential toys could include Peppy, Slippy, Falco, Kat, Bill and general Pepper for pilots and maybe the landmaster, Kat and bills fighters for ships, nova bombs and blue lasers for weapons.
    I think that rather than just giving Ubisoft the chance to make a Starfox game it would be better combining Starfox with the Starlink IP - the audience would be happy to get that Starfox experience we've been pining for and it would help grow the Starlink IP too (which is already inextricably linked to Starfox) and would appeal specifically to the demographic who seem most receptive to the game. Makes sense to me anyway.

    Thinking just off the top of my head the basic premise would be someone (Andross maybe?) has invaded the Lylat system so Fox calls on his Starlink buddies to come help retake the system.

    I guess we'll have to see how the sales of Atlas goes but I'm fairly certain that the Switch version will end up vastly outperform the other platforms.

    I'd be interested in hearing what other people think of this idea and what suggestions you'd have for such a thing.
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    Hey! We're happy that you're so excited about Starlink and its future! As you can expect, we have nothing to share at this moment.
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