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    JDU age requirement?

    I have bought JD 2019 for XB1 using my 4 year old daughter's account since she's the one usually dancing to the game. There were no problems when I bought her a 1 year sub for JDU when the trial from JD 2018 expired. Now, with JD 2019, it keeps saying that she doesn't meet the age requirement for the JDU service. She can access the JDU songs in the Kids section, but those in the usual JD song menu are being blocked by that age wall. There are a lot more songs there that she loves to dance, and this age wall keeps her from doing so.

    Just an FYI, her JD 2018 profile is a level 61, so I hope this shows how much she loves dancing to the game.

    A video showing the issue: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WEkPwWoV5QgWH3ez8
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    I am absolutely in love with your story of your daughter playing the game. <3 I have 4 daughters myself, and my 6-year-old also loves playing. The issue you're having might be due to the age you have set for her on the Xbox. The Ubisoft Club, which is required this year for JDU, has an age restriction for 13 and older. You may need to set her age on the Xbox to over 13 in order to get the JDU subscription to work.

    As a parent myself, I know this might give you pause as the security of the restrictions the young age give on the Xbox. However, there is a workaround. If you go into her privacy settings, you can manually set what they all are. So you can have her as 13+ in the system but with all of the same restrictions as she has now as listed as under 13 in the system.

    Let me know if this helps!
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    Your 4 year old daughter is at level 61? Man, I'm way older than her and i'm still on level one because i suck at Just Dance.
    She could teach me a thing or two lol!
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    Unfortunately, as much as I don't want to forge information, I did just that. I created a Ubi club account for her with her age set to 19(just to be safe). If ever she decides that she wants to keep the email and the MS/Xbox account we created for her, she'll just have to correct those stuff in the future. That's probably going to happen when she demonstrates comprehension of certain stuff, or if she starts writing software, which is what I do for a living. I do hope something gets done about this. Either don't allow purchasing of JDU subs for below-age accounts, or be explicit with the requirements for the sub. I had trouble looking for an age requirement.

    She really loves dancing to the game. Her little sister, just around 1y6mo old, dances with her sometimes. Just little twists and arm movements, but still dancing.

    She really just loves dancing, haha! It's like she spends an hour or 2 almost every day, and even tries to get 5 stars for her favorites. So far, I have seen her 5-star the Happy Farm song in JD 2018, and another song I forgot the name. It's the one with a girl super hero punching/kicking UFOs and stuff. She sometimes would even mimic the costumes, wearing a cape, or her "mermaid tail" blanket.
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